Sunday, 2 August 2015

Top 6 Secret for Diet & Fitness

Everyone wants to look healthy, fit and beautiful. To maintain the  perfect figure, we do lots of hard work. In this my blog post I am sharing six secrets for weight loss and balanced figure.

  1. Maintain food diary:   It’s a very good idea to maintain a small food dairy regular to control and balanced food habit, it’s also helpful  to keep track of your daily food intake.
  1. Set food alarm: -  We all know for good healthy and perfect body functioning we have to take our meals on time without skipping or avoiding .for this start setting food alarm on your mobile and strictly follow this.
  1. Say hello to bake & steam food rather oily or fry food: -Stream and baked food are more healthy then fried.
  1. Do not compromise your sleep: -We have to do gym regularly it’s good for your body but if we are compromising our sleep for gym than do not do it. Our body is a machine which works 24x7 . It has to work while we sleep like recovering, recoup and reenergizes these are very essential for our body. Improper sleep slowdowns body’s recovery process.
  1. Evaluate your approach towards food: -  Human body is a beautiful mechanism which requires fuel to function it properly food is a fuel. Evaluate first how hunger you are than accordingly feed your body. Avoid eating for unnecessary.
  1. Move to lose:  Many of days when we don’t get enough time for exercise, to cover-up that time increase your non-exercise activities for example: Instead of emailing colleague move out of your place and Conway the message. Choose staircase rather Life.

Walk 10,000 steps daily = one hour exercise daily

I hope you like my secret. For more interesting posts keep visiting my blog.

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