Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pamper's Parenting Event- Exclusive Preview at Mumbai

Recently I have been invited on the launching event of pamper premium care products which was held on JW Marriott Mumbai sahar. My first reaction was like OMG parenting event and me? But when I thought came on my mind why not? Like being  a Aunty bhua & massi I also played a role of parents many times.
Here I am happy to announce that it’s really a wonderful product introduced by P&G which assures to softest for baby skin #SoftestForBabySkin

Panel For introduce the product were -
 1. Dr. Ajitha gopal seethepalli  -Leading Baby Sleep Consultant of the country.
2. Dr.Wei Sing Long - Pampers R & D Specialist.
3. Mandira Bedi – An Actor, Model, Fashion Designer, Anchor, Host and smart  mother .
4. Tara Sharma – An Actor, Model, Host of her very own  parenting show the tara sharma show and  the most importantly smart mother.

In an exclusive preview organised for bloggers and Mommy bloggers, Pampers the #1 diaper brand in the world for babies happy healthy development, showcased a never seen before innovation via powerful demonstrations highlighting the softness and dryness of the new Pampers Premium Care Pants.

There was a small softness test on the go with all the bloggers before the product was revealed. All the attendees were  first asked to feel the softest diapers by touching each of the diapers which were kept on the test box .After voting round was happened and of course pampers premium care diaper c has won by highest 92% of vote.

Now it was time for revealing the new pamper diaper pants. Panel of Jury member had came together and uncovered the new Pamper premium care pants.

According to child specialist Dr.ajitha seethepalli   for healthier, happier mental and physical development of kids good amount of peaceful uninterrupted sleep (for child minimum 12 hours) is must. And pamper premium care specially made to give that your baby a nonstop sleep .
All these powerful demonstration remind me like as we were on the chemistry lab and doing some practices. We have lotion test as well as to check how lotion protects babies’ skin by pH reaction form of baby’s Pee on the diaper. Dr. Long spread pinch of lotion on centre  of the paper and sprinkled same chemical on it .By the reaction of this lotion spread one part had remained same whereas nonlotion  part was turned blue in color. The paper in my hand replicates baby’s skin.
According to Tara Sharma she personally dependent on pampers from the day one of her child birth. And she shown same of the video clips of her parenting show where she was using brand pamper diaper for the babies.

This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Stand Up Comedy In India -‎

An Introduction Stand-Up comedy
We can define Stand-up comedy as a comic panache in which an artist performs in front of a live audience. Basically Comedy is a combination of witty stories, jokes, making comical facial expressions and doing mimicry of someone. Some stand-up comedians use props, music, or magic tricks to enhance their acts. Recently came up to promote Stand-up comedy. And friend this is one of the best online websites for spicing up our bore routine life with some comic moment.
Benefits of Stand-Up Comedy 
Laughter is a prime medicine says by science. Yes, friends, it’s a truth. To get the benefit of Laugh, we always search for comedy in our vicinity. Now most of the TV channels are broadcasting lots of comedy programs these days. Just like my favorite comedy show “Comedy Nights” & famous rib-tickling YouTube channel AIB. In which India’s number one comedians Acts plays the different character performs mimicries to make people laugh.

The first thing to perform on stage is being funny to make people laugh. Sometimes it’s very difficult to get the momentum started. Even if you get it in your performance it’s more challenging to keep it going in that direction. Sometimes you end up getting a pin drop silence. Always keep this in mind that if your audience is showing interest in your content you are on right track. If they are laughing at your jokes, you know you have done your job perfectly.

About (LIS)
The LIS is the one stop solution for all. In this E –platform one  can browse about  Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Music, House parties, most importantly Stand-Up comedy and some other interesting stuff about lifestyle.  One most interesting thing of this site is it’s intended for the audience above legal drinking age as specified by their state/country of residence. You can enjoy in Stand-up Comedy Section. In this portal, you will find all the information about comedy. You can read biographies of veteran stand-up comedians. You can also enjoy top stand-up comedy videos. One can read some interesting and enthusiastic blog post on Stand-up comedy ie, #StandUpComedyInStyle.
This segment also features “COMEDY HUNT” Fight for the funniest one of the most popular contest on YouTube on Stand-up comedy.
Party & Nightlife:
This segment features latest buzz on celeb parties, news party calendar across metro cities, interesting featured post on nightlife etc. You can enjoy all these features here at  Parties Section.
So what are you waiting for, if you have flair the for comedy or you like to explore more about the lifestyle, parties  & nightlife? Visit LIS- Stand-Up Comedy & Parties-LiveInStylesections in style & enjoy.

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