Thursday, 24 March 2016

Evolution of cookware in India from 20th Century to 21st Century

The technology has emerged so much these days, from telephone to mobile, Telegram to WhatsApp, Newspaper to e-paper and now charcoal to induction. There are countless changes has been happening on this journey of 20 century to 21 century in our lifestyle. So as in our food habits and cooking style has a huge difference by times. By the passing decade, our kitchen has seen a lot of changes & innovations in terms of cookware’s and appliances. For which lots of new designing, inventions & modification have been done to attract and match to the requirement of new lifestyle and cooking pattern.

There were the times when our Grandmothers have the corner at kitchen made of mud Chulas and they were used to cook in big clay pots and copper utensils. Copper Cookware spans thousands of years, and for good reason. Copper cookery is an excellent conductor of heat, allowing for food to cook properly and evenly throughout. The look of copper cookware throughout history has both changed and stayed the same. Antique copper cookware is passed down through the generations. Even replicas and new designs can become the new family heirlooms, simply because of copper’s beauty. 

Food taste also differs as per our cookware and cooking pattern. And to match the same flavor as our ancient cookware is significant. For example, earlier we love to cook vegetables on Kadai or Handi kind of vessel but in 21 century we are using non-stick pans to cook, which minimized cooking period and it takes less oil to cook vegetable without burning it and most importantly without compromising of vegetable flavor. Between this evaluations of 20th century to 21th century, the best development on the cookware would be that we have countless designs, arts, with strong built of latest cookware sets available in our country. 

 The size and shape of a cooking vessel are typically determined by how it will be used. Cooking vessels are typically referred to as "pots" and "pans," but there is great variation in their actual shapes. The choice of material for cookware and bakeware items has a significant effect on the item's performance (and cost), particularly in terms of thermal conductivity and how much food can occupy to the item when in use.

In my view, the 21st century has seen the modernization of kitchen in various form including Modern kitchens with hotspots, innovative appliances & utensils to name a few. This up gradation is need of hour for efficient cooking and leverage the art of cooking. Sometime we may loose on the nutrition and taste in order to pace the cooking using microwave dinners and meals, but we can't deny the fact that in order to save time & become more productive we may lose some quality. But my friend as we know technology comes with it limitations and it can't replace the aura of good chef and cooking skills. The art of cooking can be better utilized with the new generation appliance, but can't replace the value of it.

So adopt the modern kitchens, but keep on sharpening your cooking skills to provide a healthy food within your family. 

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Colorful Memories #KhulKeKheloHoli

Good always triumphs over evil ! Celebrating that today & believing it everyday happy Holi! And to the child in you ! A very happy paint fight !!

Happy Holi to all my readers, I know countdown has begun and only two days left for our favourite Colourful festival Holi. We all are waiting desperately to celebrate this festival of the joy & happiness, togetherness of love and most of all celebrating without any Castism and status barrier in mind and heart. Really friends, when we talk about Holi so first thing comes to our minds, are Sweets like Gujiyas, Kachoris , Mixtures and lots more Snacks with Thandai. I remember how my grandmother, mother and aunties all were started  preparing sweets three four days prior to the festival to serve all family friends, relatives  & Guests comes to our home for celebrating Colour of joy.

Let me tell you the history of this festival first, many years back there was a demon King named Hiranyakashyap has the kingdom on earth. He was an egoist person and has so much of egoism about the Kingdoms. He loved to call himself a “God King of the Earth”. If anyone refuses to worship or call him God, he punishes badly so of the fear of losing the life, all people worships him as God. But his son Prince Prahlad  is very brave , bold and deep faithful on Lord Vishnu. King Hiranyakashyap warned so many times to Prince Prahlad that “I am an owner of this Earth, Respect me and worship me as a God”. Prahlad answer was always “I respect you as my father & King of this Kingdom, but my God is only my Lord Vishnu”.  Finally failed  Hiranyakashyap plans to kill Prahlad, for then he calls her Sister Holika, who has the boon to burn anything without hurting herself, whereby she enter the fire with Prahlad sitting on her lap. With the blessings of Lord Vishnu Prahlad came out unhurt from the blazing fire but unfortunately, Holika lost her life.

To celebrating Holika bonfire all children, collect's donation a month prior to the Festival from the nearby house to house. With collected money, children arrange dry wood for the bonfire, Nagada (musical Instrument played with wooden sticks to create music Especially in Holi festival for entertainment and Traditional enjoyment), batashash (sweet dish)and all worship items.

I remember my childhood  days Holi festival when we were waking up early in the morning  and   to arrange bucket coloured water for our Balloons & Pichkari. Amplifier with big sound boxes to play loud music and lots of sweets and homemade snacks to serve the entire guest on the Holi Festival. 

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Meet the VWoman Achievers -Women's Day Special

Happy Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies on this special occasion of  International Women's Day, VWash has  given a tribute to those women who have dared to question "WHY", redefine the situations and rediscover and reinvent themselves.  VWash and Glenmark Pharma  Awarded Five most inspiring Indian women and the ideal face of 2016. I am feeling proud to write their story on my blog. These are the ladies who has raised their voice louder and brought  the changes in our society. by their hard work, confidence, and willingness to serve the society for better future.

Here are The Five Discovery of VWoman Achiever 2016.  

 Swati Bedekar  has convinced so many ladies of backward and rural society to use sanitary pads for their menstruation hygiene. Her effort for  writing  innovative lyrical songs, banners of inspiring messages and so many awareness programs to communicate with those shy and introvert rural women. She is also  helping them to get Sanitary Pads on cheap and lowest prices.

 Anuradha Kedia co-founder of the better India an online news portal with a difference. This site aims to put the limelight on 'positive & inspiring stories. She  left her well-settled job to give full attention to her portal "The Better India".

       Rajni Pandit- she is  a real Charli's Angel, James bond and Sherlock Holmes of our country. Her 25 years of handwork  in the detective  profession with  sharp Mind and confidence gave her ability to close more than 7000 cases and also made her one of the  famous detectives in India. 

          Now meet our Geeta Shridhar popularly known as Geeta Maa who has really defined the word maa with sharing her motherhood, love and care by adopting 28 kids fighting for their lives from various kinds of cancers and scuffle between chemo sessions and heavy doses of medication. Geeta maa is really a charming lady with full on enthusiasm and an idol for all women. She has been inspiring the current generation by her efforts & contribution towards humanity & social causes. She is also a teacher & wonderful cook- foodie by nature. You will surely feel the energy & love when you will meet her.

 Proud Moment for Geeta maa 


 Group photo with Geeta Maa

Rajani Paranipe- the founder member, popularly known as Rajani Tai.  her  motivation in life is service to society, by bringing a school to the doorstep they have changed more than 62000 poor children lives.  

Overall it was an awesome event, met some super women's of our country. Really felt excited & we also took lot's of  Selfie's and photos with all the lovely ladies at the event.

"If you have the faith in yourself, if you have the confidence to do something better for society, then do not think about the results and follow your dreams. you will definitely get succeed." 
these were the golden message given by VWoman Achievers. Really these women are the true inspiration for all of us. A big shout out for women power !!

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

What kasams do you want from your man? #SadaSexy

Last month was full of love, because of so many wedding functions and most importantly valentine day and pre-valentines week celebrations. I know you all were also busy celebrating valentine day with your special loved one. Right.., Well, this time, I celebrated this day with some promises of my special Man. I asked some of Kasams and Vaadas (promise) from him as a gift. And friends really the occasion was perfect to make him agree what I wish for. Some promises were heart touching, some of funny and some were emotional. Here is a list of promises, kasams and vaadas I want my #SadaSexy man to make:-

1.      First of all promises me that you will be with me in all the emotions. Whether it’s happy or Sad, Positive or Negative. Good or bad.
2.      Promise me that, you will always give a compliment to my cooked food, especially if it’s not that much tasty as all the time.
3.      Promise me, you will always be supporting me for my career plans.
4.      Promise me, you will always be with me in my all the decisions.
5.      Promise me that you will always feed me food with your hands and on the same single plate.
6.      Promise me you will always come to receive me at the station every single time with the same excitement and happiness.
7.      Promise me that every weekend you will cook for me.
8.      Promise me that you will never get angry on my madness, craziness.
9.      Promise me you will always be understanding, even when I come late from late evening parties.
10.  Promise me that you will never stop me to use your credit card for my shopping’s.
11. Promise me, someday you will come to my house and tell my parents you want to marry me and ask for their blessings.
 Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind it spending by your side, you are the one to whom I can trust for everything. You are my best buddy. Love you sweetu.Well friends, this was my list of promises for my special Man. Do let me know what’s yours by commenting on the below comment box. I am happy to hear from you.It gives so much of positive energy when you know that you’re someone special is there to keep your promises even if it is tough to accept but he does. Just to bring a cute smile on your face.

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