Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Home Cleaning with Fun

In this busy schedule and lifestyle we are becoming Lazy and we keep avoiding cleaning by saying” I will pick it up later on” it is a clear invitation for clutter and chaos. Here I am with some cool and quick tips to motivate our self for cleaning our sweet home.

1. Cleaning with music:-

 Tune on to FM,MP3 player or iPod put on your favorite songs ,which makes you energetic and motivate for cleaning. Listening music while cleaning helps to fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. A Creative mind has the ability for new formation. Switch on music system or a MP3 Player favorite songs. It will boost you from inside for proper cleaning.

2. Creating reward for completing task:-

 It’s a very good idea to treat yourself motivated towards cleaning. With some rewards Like small pizza and burger or ice-creams after doing a task such as cleaning drawing room or a wardrobe.. We all know people get more energetic while they get rewarded on their hard work.

3. Section area for cleaning:-

Its best to divide the section before proceeding for cleaning, it will save your time and clears your confusion that where to start. You can create private and public areas in your home. Cleaning the areas like drawing room or hall where the guest will have first look will always create a impression that the home is clean. Avoid keeping clothes, paper or left outs in such areas.

4. put some light on for task:-

Turn on all the Lights and open the windows let more brightness come to the room. Brightness helps to induces for cleaning.

5. Use the formula of 2 welcome mats:-

Always prefer two have 2 welcome may, one at entry of your home and another at drawing room. It will filter the dust which comes inside while we come from outdoor. It makes the guest room more clean and dirt free.
Some instructions for making cleaning into our habit:-

1. Make a routine of making your bed before leaving for the day.
2. Always have a habit of putting things same place where that was picked.
3. Maintain and clean your dustbins regularly.
4. Do a weekly cleaning of all your stuff and ensure you maintain a proper hygiene at your home.
This post is inspired from : https://www.rewardme.in/home/home-decor

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