Monday, 10 August 2015

Have you done the #Airtel4GSpeedTest ??

We all are now aware of what 4G network is capable of  and we all are accepting it as a substitute for 3G & broadband connections. I have been using Airtel prepaid services from a quite long time now. I was really happy when I heard that they have launched the 4G services across almost 296 cities in India. I decided to opt for the 4G plan. But before making my decision, I thought it will be better If I can explore what is the difference in performance of current 3G network & newly launched 4G/ LTE networks. I was thinking about how I can analyse that. In between I saw the # #Airtel4GSpeedTest  hashtag trending on twitter. I was wondering how we can test the speed on twitter. Later I explored & came to know all the steps to test the Airtel 4G speed. Let me share my experience with you, so that you can also clear your doubts on the performance of 4G internet.

How to Perform the   #Airtel4GSpeedTest:

1-      You have to tweet to Airtel with the application for which you need to know the downloading speed.

@airtelIndia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <Application name>

I wanted to know the download  time for “Facebook” App. This is how I tweeted for speed test.

2-      Once you submit your tweet you will get the surprise tweet with the details of Speed Test.
Something like this. I got a shock when I looked at the difference between 4G & 3G.

After the #Airtel4GSpeedTest, now I am sure about switching my services from 3G to 4G network. I had already placed a request for sim swapping by tweeting below message on twitter #GetAirtel4G use +airtel India. Once you received the sim all you need to put it in an LTE device & start using your existing 3G data plan as 4G. So what are you waiting for start here: 

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