Saturday, 14 March 2015

Say No to Fear Today - Women Safety

Women Safety is key concern for all of us. As a working women I know the fear of  working overnight, traveling late from office. but there are lots of ways you can look out for yourself  and for each other. Let me share few general recommendation for women safety & actual situation.

So What should you do to prevent an attack  & be safe all the time.
1)-Be Aware , Be Safe : The first & most important point in self defense is awareness- awareness of yourself, your surroundings, and your potential attacker's likely strategies.
Do you feel relatively safer in crowded places, here are some tips to which will keep you safe from  eve teasing & harmful peoples in crowd.

2)-Walking Alone on the streets ? Let 's be safe !

3)- Safety At Work:
It is eminent for women employees to be aware of  their company policies gender discrimination and sexual harassment & the more they are encouraged to report all instances of discrimination without fear, the greater would be their feeling of security and empowerment.

4)-Be Aware, Be Prepared (VITH U APP) :
The Vith U app lets a potential victim skip  through the number-punching , and lets you instantly send an SOS alert to contacts simply by pushing your power button twice. alert message are sent out every two minutes to listed contacts, who will receive a message along with your physical location. This info get updated each time a message goes out.

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