Tuesday, 7 March 2017


No matter how much we express our LOVE with words or actions,

                                  A simple GIFT can say a lot more.”

Gift!! Frankly speaking, it’s a magical word for me because whenever I heard this word an automatic smile comes on my face and fills me with love, happiness & enjoyment. No matter whether it’s a small key chain, greeting card, flowers, jewellery, accessories, cheap or expensive one, it always values happiness and touches the hearts with lots of affection for all of us. Love is a tremendous feeling that conglomerates two hearts together for a lifetime. Though it exists in every relationship, gifting the ideal personal gift is the best way to express it.

 Indian Gift Portal is one of the India’s largest online gifts store concentrating in gifts for all ages and occasions with more than 200 product categories. The biggest multi-category gift stores with Around 350 cities have a same day delivery option. Established in the year 2001, IGP.com also has a global footprint in more than 90 countries with a significant lead in curation & logistics IGP has brought to consumers India’s first ever Gift Discovery platform, taking a massive leap forward in addressing consumers’ gifting needs.

IGP.com has a wide range of gifts for all kinds of the festival, special occasion, wedding, birthday and anniversary etc.. no need to worry about gifts selection because IGP.Com has all the solutions. We can browse the collections as per Recipient Personality, Occasion, Relationship, Category, Country and City and order it within a few minutes.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, I have decided to surprise my lovely mom & sister-in-law. So without wasting any more minutes. I logged in to IGP.com on my smartphone, where the portal has varieties of gifts to choose from. Because my gift receivers are perfect homemakers so I selected option: Gifts for Homemaker, {You can choose other options depending on whom you are gifting} As soon as I clicked on the option I came across with more than 900 gifting product. within a few minutes, I was done with my gifts for them and bought them by opting online payment. To express our feelings for them there is an option to write a sweet message, which will be pack with our gifts. For delivery either opt a quick same-day delivery or a normal delivery which is also within a week, I selected normal delivery. Click here to see how this works.

Wooden Key Holder With Gemstone Painting Lamp and Elephant Showpiece Hamper For My Mother

Ochre Yellow Velvet Handbag With Stonework for Bhabhi

In the intervals of 5 to 6 days both of them were surprised to receive unexpected gifts in their names and as soon they opened their gifts and read the message both were filled with happiness and hugged me and started blessing me a lot.

Thanks to IGP.com for the variety of gifting solutions with quick delivery options. I am glad to find IGP for gifting purpose. I really recommend IGP as a perfect gifting solution for all my readers & people who love gifting. In case of any query feel free to ask in. Comment section. I would love to help you all. Thanks for reading & Happy Women’s day in advance.

Check out: https://www.igp.com/

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  1. A great place to shop for gifts. Now I don't have to stress over finding the right gifts. :)

  2. Great place for gifting, I have also ordered a gift last month from IGP and it was awesome!


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