Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance - A Worry-free Protection Solution

Today the two most important aspects for an individual to look for with respect to financial planning & life Insurance are "Investment & Protection" respectively. All parents & individuals mostly relate life insurances with casualty & death. In reality, it is for the living. Same goes with the investment people think we are saving for retirement. But ideally, we do investments to grow our hard money which eventually helps us at each & every important phase of life.

We all have a lot of dreams for our future & for our loved ones. As a working woman, I always plan about how can I secure the future & do the financial planning to achieve my dreams. In order to do so, we all need to ensure one think that our investment should be in such a way that it should not impact our dreams in the adverse situation or in the case of any casualty. Coming to the part of a casualty or any accident, we need to have a life insurance. We need to strengthen ourselves to fight against the uncertainties of life & surely life insurance is one of the weapons.

Now here comes the real task, we need to have a proper investment plan to achieve our dreams & parallelly we need to have a life insurance too, to keep our family on a safer side.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is launching an online term plan that can be a life-changing solution for an individual. In today’s uncertain times, people are looking for a worry-free protection solution which not only gives them a plain vanilla life cover but also against disability or dreaded diseases. This new product will help in fortifying the brand’s overall product offerings and help the buyers chart their financial planning in a worry-free manner. It is designed to protect and meet an individual's present and future financial needs including providing the shield to Wealth & health both.

I will be covering the launch event of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance new product on my blog. So please stay tuned for next blogpost which will cover the detailed information on new online term plan including a wellness platform mobile application which will be also launched on the same day. Bajaj Allianz Insurance is also running an exciting campaign on their twitter handle @BajajAllianzLIC & Facebook page respectively called #IfsOfLife. You can also join the contest & win some exciting prizes. Follow them on Twitter & FB to get live updates with hashtag #IfsOfLife

So till then be happy & start working on your financial & physical fitness.

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Saturday, 17 December 2016


Invest In Your Skin. It Is Going To Represent You For A Very Long Time.

Indeed! God has made each one us very beautiful, I feel like taking care of your skin is almost as important as eating a healthy meal. Today's blog is my enthusiasm towards some rituals for pampering our skin daily to keep it healthy forever.

Washing your face keeps dirt and dullness away from your skin and makes you look beautiful and feel fresh.

Makeup free sleep keeps your skin healthy and young. Sleeping in any kind of makeup is eventually harmful to the skin and leads to tons of skin damages like clogged pores; acne etc. also drags you to the early aging.  

As per your skin type applying a most suitable moisturizing, cream / lotion after cleaning of the skin keeps your skin soft, radiant and glowing throughout the day and at night it repairs your skin and protects from cell dehydration.


Our Body consists 78% of water, so drinking lots of water is a need of our body. Water helps to regulate your body temperature, proper body cells functioning, keeps you healthy and lots more, Do you know we have to drink water half of the number of our body weight every day.

Every day eight hours of good night sleep helps to keep you healthy and fit physically as well as mentally.


Sun rays are the good source of vitamin D which is good for health, but the excess amounts can damage your skin and makes you look dark. Wearing daily SPF 30+ covers & protects 97%  your skin to from the harmful UV ray of  the sun.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body which has the quality of absorbing and storing toxins that can make your skin look tired and ragged. A daily workout till the sweat out helps to release these toxins and gives a fresh and enriched look to your skin. 

So, friends, these are my top 7 rituals of skin care what are yours? do write in the comments box below,   I would happy to hear from you.

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Friday, 25 November 2016

What's in my Beauty Pouch - It's No More Secret

Happy weekend to everyone!! I hope you have already planned for the fabulous weekend ahead as we all eagerly waiting since Monday! Right??? Well, friends if you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I love makeup and I love applying  makeup each time stepping out from my Home. Let's check out what products are there in my beauty pouch today? Excited !! I know you are?

* Lakme 9 to 5 CC Complexion Care Cream Bronze All in 1 - It's been a quite long time I am using this on a regular basis and I'm happy with the product . The plus point of the product about it's all in 1 instant skin stylist with SPF 30 to protect from harmful sun rays. Also, moisturizes and gives an even complexion to skin tone.

* Faces Go Chic Wild Blush    - Well, friends recently I purchased this lipstick from a local beauty store and after using it for a few days now I'm in love with this shade. The best thing about this pink shade gives fuller and brighter coverage on one go with the effect of Slightly wavering light because of which I don't feel to apply gloss on it. another good thing about its long last for about 5-6 hours,  which is remarkable in this price range. 

* Smooth Eyebrow Pencil - I find nothing flames so beautifully or gives a prompt lift quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows and this one is my must have beauty product because my eyebrows are very light and thin.

What's there in your beauty Pouch? share in the comment below I would love to hear from you. 

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Plank for Core Strength #DoYou

First weekend Sunday 6th November, there is no wonder if I say Best Sunday ever because when most of us were busy being lazy on the quiet Sunday afternoon, where thousands of women got together at the JIO Garden, BKC, in Mumbai, to attempt the challenge to hold abdominal plank position for about 60 seconds to break the earlier the Guinness Book of World Records at Hongkong in the year 2011 of 1323 men and women. But the best part of this record was organized for only women.  The movement called #DoYou  which is the respect for women power also an opportunity and  encouragement that women are strong to take any challenges.

The whole event was organized by one of the famous sports brand PUMA which  was led by International model-actress Cara Delevingne. The screening was started at 5 pm where so many well-known celebrities of our Bollywood like Jacqueline Fernandez, Kalki Koechlin, model Ujjwala Raut, Singer and VJ Anushka Manchanda, RJ Malishka  and Shibani Dandekar, Wrestling star & RioOlympic winner Sakshi Malik, Zomba Specialist and Master Trainer Sucheta Pal with her team were present at the whole event to cheer, motivate and celebrate the moment of joy with all the women participants.

After an announcement of all the guidelines by a member of the Guinness world record which needs to be followed by all the participants at the time of attempting abdominal plank position. The first  official attempt has happened at 6.15pm by 1900 women. Then we enjoyed some Zomba session by Sucheta Pal and her team. Finally, when the results were announced was the happiest moment for all of us. We broke the earlier record with 1622 women attempted the abdominal plank challenge successfully.

Thankyou brand PUMA for organizing such a big event for Indian women. I am also feeling very proud for being a part of the Guinness World Record.

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Monday, 31 October 2016

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance iNVESTSHIELD Plan

"Saving is great habit but without investing and tracking , it just sleeps" As said by Manoj Arora, From the Rat Race to to Financial Freedom. A good investment plan is a must in today's fast and busy lifestyle where everyone is running towards their dreams. But at the same time being responsible adults, it's our liability to protect our loved once, which are financially depending on us. I belive that the biggest mistake most of the people make is that they do not plan for their retirement & future. To get a financial freedom during our hard times we need to pay a price ( ie , the premium) but trust me its far lesser than what we pay for our lifetime enslavement. 

To help us in investment & future planning, the joint venture of Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company – CHOICE  has launched a part protection and part investment plan. This plan provides protection features through different benefit options to suit your needs. This plan provides you the double benefit of securing your life as well as investing in the underlying funds with the opportunity to make potential market returns. And the life cover provides security to your loved ones.  Simultaneously, it offers you the opportunity to plan for your life’s milestones. Overall, this plan is not only the value of money investment, also providing you a choice of opting the protection suitable for you. 
As per CEO Anuj Mathur who is also the whole-time director of Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited , We have launched iNVESTSHIELD plan with objective of helping investors in wealth accumulation and protecting one's family needs, especially for young parents, as in case of any unfortunate event, the product offers policy continuity without payment of any future premiums. With the introduction of #Investshield, we have further expanded our online footprint and now offer solutions for both protection and investment needs through the online platform."

Main features of Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance iNVESTSHIELD Plan:
  • Flexibility to customize  the plan as per requirement of an individual.
  • Zero Premium Allocation Charge.
  • Loyalty Additions for additional allocation of units to boost  the retirement fund
  • Choice of Investment Funds ranging from 0% to 100% equity exposure, to match one's risk appetite
  • Premium waiver benefits option.
  • Safety Switch Option
  • Liquidity through partial withdrawals to help meet unplanned financial needs
  • Tax benefits on premium paid and benefit under Section 80C and Section 10(10D), as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.
How To Apply:

Most unique feature of this plan is that it is available at your fingertips! The customer can easily buy this plan online and avoid the trouble of going through a cumbersome process and get insured directly. Follow the below steps to apply:

The planning for investment & life Insurance should be one of the first thing when someone is thinking about the security of their loved ones & their future. Lets pledge today that we will plan for our future on priority with the help of Insurance & proper financial investment.


Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Hi, friends here I am with another exciting day out event review. Last weekend I have been a part of The Mud Rush 2016. Well, friends let me first brief you about THE MUD RUSH.  So the mud rush is one-of-a-kind adrenaline infused event, The Mud Rush aims to give an exhilarating experience to all of its patrons. Every year, patrons of all ages, some as young as 8 and some as old as 70, wholeheartedly enjoy themselves at the event. It’s not just about running and crossing obstacles spread over a muddy landscape; it is an experience of a lifetime. The 7-kilometre long muddy track brings with it a promise of stupendous fun combined with exciting new challenges in every step. Set amidst 21 obstacles and a whole lot of mud, the event promises to be a memory you will cherish for a long time to come.

1.       It is India's premier adventure festival.
2.       Newer, crazier obstacles are added every year
3.       There is an “Experience Zone” with flea market stalls, live music bands & DJs
4.       There is a huge variety of delicious gourmet meals & snacks.
5.       The thrilling adventure activities itself

The venue was one of the famous/ pride places of Mumbai. The Dadasaheb  Phalke  Chitranagari Filmcity. It does not only consist of studios but also has many hills, natural water bodies, and natural diverse vegetation.

TMR nation
It’s a unique and curated food and flea platform. Where we enjoyed some great food and shopping while on ‘A Run’ like-
Healthy food,
South Indian food,
North Indian food,
 Mumbai’s special street foods
 LIVE food trucks,
And mock tail bars while also showcasing a curated PoPuP Bazaar.

TMR Bazaar also featured of the work of local and handpicked products like: Jewellery, Fashion Accessories, Preserves, Spa , Original Art, Designer Clothing, Kids Clothes, Home Decor and many more! 

What I don’t like about it is!!! We have to exchange our cash in to coupons to spent in whole flea market even for food.

The Mud Rush is for the individual who likes to test his or her physical parameters while enjoying extreme thrills like bungee jumping and skydiving, running on mud. The obstacles were great fun and overcoming them solely. Total it’s a combination for your physical and mental talent that, how you use your plans and strategies to reach the goal.

Over all, it was a nice event for adventure& fun lovers to enjoy with group of friends & family.  

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Exclusive Of LLoyd SHEROES Summit 2016 - MUMBAI

Recently I got an exclusive opportunity by team blogadda to attend the LLOYD SHEROES Summit 2016 at Novotel Juhu near Juhu beach. So friends, let me first introduce you about the SHEROES.  SHEROES Mentors engross actively to help women attain career success on their own terms. SHEROES is committed to enhancing the quality and quantity of opportunities for women and investing in women professionals through various phases of their career.

As per the program schedule, I reached the venue and registered myself at the registration desk and got the booklet, blogger card and a cute monster goodie from monster.com (Partner). The venue decoration and stalls justified the theme of the summit "Work Life Bank Balance," to connect women with economic opportunities and work-life redesign like live opportunity desk for participants to register immediately and find suitable opportunities for themselves.

 The program as followed by an introduction:-

Sairee Chahal (Sheroes Founder and CEO) :- The Sheroes Summit has become an instrument to bring key developments around changing workplace and opportunities for women to the front.

CXO Panel Discussion:- In this session, all the panelist have shared their growth stories, struggling stages followed by the questions like the reasons for changing the new workplace that addresses gender disparity and the kind of talent these leaders are looking for while hiring for their companies.

a.   Mr.Nipun Singhal – The Director of Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd.
b.   Shinjini Kumar – CEO,Paytm Bank
c.     Reena Chabbra – CEO, FSN Brands (NYKAA)

Dare To Do: - The courage to do something different and building examples of following our inner voice, breaking the stereotypes by achieving success in unusual career fields with their hard work & focus.

a.       Sonam Kalra Singer
b.      Neeti Palta Comedian

Lunch: - we were served lunch both veg- nonveg. The food was appetizing & delicious.

Future Of Work:- How to maintain work-life balance in today’s gadget-fueled and globally integrated time zone was the goal of discussion. 

Sonali Roychowdhary Director, HR in P & G India says people should not let the work steal in their family lives and to decide priorities, as work-life balance is a choice of an individual.

Fitternity.com founder Neha Motwani believes in creating transparent work culture help their organization work in tandem in a distributed setup.

Ms. Deepali Nair Advisor IAMAI said there is still a need to sensitize the society towards building a better work culture for all genders. 

To remain persistent in what you believe in and treat every job as a sales job. Was the message from Mr. Venky Mysore CEO & MD of Kolkata Knight Riders.

The event was an idyllic opportunity to hear industries leaders who spoke on varieties of topics, including #FutureofWork. It was also a great chance to link with like-minded people. During the Summit, we have tweeted about the sessions, as the whole country was watching for updates about the event. some of the tweet links I am mentioning below  you can like/ retweet.


Congratulations to Sairee Chahal and the team SHEROES for organizing the day full of an inspiration, liberating and fun-filled experience for us. Look forward to attending in future.

Thank you Blodadda for the exclusive invitation.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Home Design Studio U&US - Launch Event

Outside view of the Kharghar Studie

Today’s consumer is tech savvy, living fast lifestyle and values the buying experiences like never before. Recently I was invited to launch of a Home Design studio by Godrej at R City Mall Ghatkopar.  U&US Home design studio from Godrej works on the unique concept of involving customers in designing the furniture and interiors solutions for their dream home.  

The process of getting home furniture and interiors done is often tedious, cumbersome, laborious and time-consuming. Customers face a daunting task on deciding on furniture layouting, designing, material selection etc. At U&US we have eased these pains by helping customers perform all the related activities in a very simple way. The entire journey of the customer is activity based and alive with the aid of various digital stations created in an innovative manner. 

Inside view of the Studie
Exploration Wheel
  •     A rotating wheel with miniature home models acts as an enticing feature for the people passing by the studio.
  •   The touch screen in the center of wheel helps play the U&US concept film and customers can browse through previously executed projects and our expertise.
Discussion Table

  • Mood board selection is done by customers which helps the designer understand the customer's taste and style.
  •  2D room layout is done by the customer on the touch screen followed by a layout with the help of miniature furniture model placement activity (customer can scan layouts/work on ideal layouts).
  • The layout created can be visualized in 3D.

Color visualizer
  • Color Visualizer” is a station where the color scheme selection of the home is done by the customers themselves. (It’s a unique technology which being patented by U&US).
  • This fun based activity helps customer shortlist on the various colors schemes of their home interior elements like wall color, laminate, fabric, Wood polish & flooring with the help of hexagon shaped color cubes.
  • Customers have a choice of going ahead with a preset color scheme formulated by a color expert or can customize according to their taste and choice.

Visualization on 3D software
Visualization on 3D software

  • State of the art 3D visualization software helps the customers visualize their own homes, take the walk through inside the rooms.
  • Customers can still edit things in real time (eg. Color, furniture placement etc) if they feel like before finalizing the details.

  • Proto typing area is a station where customers can create low fidelity models/ proto types with paper, Thermo col etc to explain any concept / design which they are not able to express through verbal communication with the studio designer.

Brand says about the Studio :-
So unlike any buying experience, we at U&US have created a unique customer-centric, playful experience for the customer to co-create his dream home. Our endeavor has been to build a platform where we want our consumers to play an active role in making their signature home dreams come true. With co-creating their own customized furniture enabled by innovative, experiential technology, we hope to come one step closer to transforming their lives.

Jury for the Panel Discussion led by Masters of the designs -
  •          Krsnaa Mehta -    Founder of India Circus
  •          Ronitaa Italia Dhanu - Editor of GoodHomes
  •         Rooshad Shroff -    Architect
  •          Esha Gupta -  Founder of Design Pataki

Some DIY Tips for decorating your home by  Esha Gupta :-

1.       Fragrance:-Fragrance is an accessory to your home.  Keeping your room cologne beautifully at all time adds depth and character to enhance positive vibrations around you.
2.       Plants: -Keeping indoor plants are always the best idea for pleasant, fresh and Eco-friendly ambiance around you.
3.       Wall Picture:- Beautiful sceneries or pictures bringing the aesthetic appeal in your room. It’s always good to keep couples photo in your bedroom and family photo in your guest room to enrich your room appearance.
4.       Colorful bedding:- It’s good to go simple but yet stylish with equivalent your bed sheet to your wall color.

5.        Dohar :- Instead of using a thin bed sheet, always use thick, soft and formed material Dohar to give a nice look with comfortable sleeping. 

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