Saturday, 11 March 2017

My Magical Space Adventure- #ColgateMagicalStories

Indeed! Visionary and melodramatic play encourages children to use their imagination, see through the perspectives of others and explore their feelings and bring out their creativity. 

My little sweethearts [niece] always love to live in the world of adventure & fantastical. Because they easily attract with cartoon characters. That's why when I received the new Colgate strong teeth and asked to make a story with all the characters, they were so happy and excited to participate. So let’s see what happens in their #ColgateMagicalStories

One evening, Sonu and Saniya had been for an adventurous visit at Space center (NASA). Once they entered inside, they stood amazed by seeing more than hundred scientists working on a mission Rocket Launch. Suddenly a naughty idea clicks in Saniya & Sonu’s mind and without informing to anyone both enters into a spacecraft which is about to take off from Space center. All of a sudden turbulence starts and everything gets shaken. Because of too much turbulence, Sonu & Saniya got fainted on spacecraft. When they woke up finds their selfies in the universe.

Sonu: - Saniya, see I am flying and feeling so light.

Saniya: - Yes, Sonu I am also flying & feeling the same. This is all because of zero gravity.

Sonu: - oh! Yes, You're right... Saniya, I want to go out of this spacecraft.

Saniya: - Yes! Me too.

Sonu: - Let's go then, yay! everything is so beautiful here.

[While roaming Sonu saw another Spacecraft]

Sonu: - see, what is this? I think  we should check

Saniya: - No! Sonu, I think it's an alien πŸ‘½ spacecraft, going near to them may harm us.

Sonu: - you do not worry, I have a gun I will attack if they harm us.

[Then suddenly one alien πŸ‘½ comes from behind and puts hands on their shoulder]

Sonu & Saniya get scared.

Saniya: - Sonu, I told you, they will harm us.

Alien: - don't worry 😊 we will not harm you relax, we are celebrating my brothers 500th birthday πŸŽ‚ party, come join us.

Saniya & Sonu: - what fffivee hundreeeddd😲😲!!! ???

Alien πŸ‘½: - Yes, even my age is four hundred, we aliens have a very long lifecycle.

Saniya: - no, you are lying! if you're 400 years old then how your all teeth are strong πŸ’ͺ and shining white?

Alien: - Ohh! Dear, this is the magic of #COLGATE dental cream.

Saniya & Sonu: - Colgate!!

Alien πŸ‘½: - Yes, twice a day brushing with Colgate makes our teeth so strong and cavity free.

Saniya: - remember Mumma always says, brush your teeth twice after woke up in the morning & before going to bed and because of our laziness we skip lots of time.

Sonu: - Saniya you are right. Let's promise today, we will brush our teeth regular without skipping a single day.

On this happy note, party started and all were dancing on the DJ song 🎊 πŸ’ƒyay πŸ‘ hip hip hurray πŸ’ƒ

While dancing a glass of cold drink slips and when it just about to fall off on Saniya & Sonu face. Both gets started screaming no and woke up on their bed. seeing mommy in front them realizes it was a dream both fills with happiness.

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


  1. Always great to keep their imagination alive

  2. That is such a creative post. I bet your children had fun on their magical space adventure with the Colgate cutouts :)

    1. Thanks... N yes My both the niece enjoyed a lot :)

  3. Such a fun story, I hope you win! πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. Love this story!

    Thanks for sharing.


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