Friday, 18 December 2015

Plan For Your Children's Future - Do Your Home Work

In today’s generation, children's are aware of various  career choices and have the lots of dreams in their little eyes and they have very strong views about what they want to become in future.  It's not the case nowadays where kids used to follow the profession their parents want or what  their family business suggest. Sometimes  they think beyond the traditional choices. Every day they woke up with a new profession. The cost & expense related to children's education take a major chunk of parent's salary. As parents,  it's our responsibility to be prepared at the earliest and create a financial bridge to support  our children's aspirations to become what they want to be in life.

For creating awareness amongst parents on the need to plan for the child's future.  Axis mutual fund has come up with a new investor education awareness campaign DoYourHomework. The #DoYourHomeWork  platform provides the WHY, How  To & WHAT for parent reference. 

When I came to know about this platform I asked my elder brother  to assess the product & analyse the  micro-site & Do his homework for his 6-year-old son. We together explored the available sections on #DoYourHomeWork  platform. This Microsite consists of various elements, including a SIP calculator to help identify the amount you need to invest in SIP's to reach the career aspirations of the child. Also, it consists of various fun activities for kids while parents can plan for kids future. Children's can have fun with, Short Stories book & they can explore their creativity with the Painting book & Crossword Puzzles.

In India, children's education comes as last goal options because we have a mindset of education loan. But this is the time for all of us to think why going for education loan option when we have an option of investing today, which helps to secure our child's future by investing on right thing on right time and plan a bright future for our child.

In future, it is possible that more global brands will come to India & their fees will be very high. My brother wanted his son to be a Doctor, but when we asked my nephew about his career aspiration he said he wanted to become an engineer. Today a 4-year engineering degree costs roughly about Rs 7 lakh right now, In 7-8 years it would be Rs 14 lakh approx. By 2028, it would cost Rs 28 lakh to get an engineering degree. We easily ignore such important calculation in our day to day life. But we never thought about planning it in a proper way. Some surveys suggest that the cost of higher education is rising at the rate of 10% each financial year. Inflation & lifestyle too has affected the cost of children's education. The big question for parents is: will they able to fund their kids education? The answer to this is yes they can, if they plan ahead & take the proper steps to make right investments & opt for  correct SIP's, putting together a correct investment portfolio of mutual funds to achieve the goals.

In my view, whatever results we get out of such activities it's imperative that parents need to prepare themselves financially and need to understand the how much money they will need in future to fulfil their child's dream.The #DoYourHomework platform provides an online test for parenting. Parents can share the experience through social media using #DoYouHomework which will be crafted together in a video to share with other parents to learn & understand the career aspiration of their children.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Five Things for Baby Soft Skin

Baby's skin is ten times thinner, sensitive and delicate than yours, which continues to develop through the first year of life is more vulnerable to irritants. It’s always a better idea to use natural and branded baby products for your baby. Here are Five Basic thing which may help to protect your baby skin soft, safe and smooth.

Baby Cleaning Therapy:- 
A fresh cleaned skin is always remains soft and healthy. Proper cleansing helps to keep the skin free of unwanted substances, including dirt, transient germs, and irritants such as those from saliva, nasal secretions, urine, and feces (including fecal enzymes).  You should bath your baby daily with Luke warm water; because hot water can cause dryness of baby skin and cold water can catch cold. After bath completely drying baby is a necessity, most importantly to drying baby’s folding parts such as behind the ears, crease of neck, elbows, knees and wrist area gently with a soft towel.

Comfort Clothing’s:-
We should always prefer to choose soft and comfortable material clothing’s for your baby to avoid occurring chafing and marks by tight clothes on baby skin. Always check the material before buying by touching inside out to assure nothing hurts or pokes on the skin. Wearing fresh, clean and cotton fabric clothes daily keeps baby’s skin irritation free.

Oil Massage & Exercise Therapy:-
 It’s an ancient therapy, which goes on and on by ages. Our entire granny’s are following this oil massage therapy to make baby’s weak bones and muscles strengthen and healthier. A routine herbal oil or baby oil massage with same baby muscles exercise helps to circulate blood circulation for softer, smoother and growing skin.

Baby Diaper Freedom Therapy: -
 Yes, all baby has so many things to do all day even while sleeping baby grownups, every parent doesn’t want to disturb them by any chance because each moment of playing and interacting are learning & developing experience for your baby’s. Oh! You worry about baby pee? Now no more interruption of baby pee and rashes. So keeping this in mind, pamper has launched new pampers premium baby care pants with five star protection features, which actually gives the freedom to be on diaper without noticeable to your baby. New pamper premium pants also keep wetness away from baby’s skin.

 “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Sun Protection:-
Do not forget to cover your baby with soft clothes before stepping out of the door especially facial area because it’s amazingly soft and more delicate, sensitive and fragile than your own. Which is easily gotten infected. We should try to keep clean and fresh environments around for happy & safe baby.  

Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Nexus 5X- #ChampIsBack

Hey friends you’re all waiting ends herewith official release of Android marshmallow the smartest gadget which supports Google’s mobile operating system. Are you all set to welcome the champ one more time? The most awaited come back of 2015 – The NEXUS 5X.
The all New Nexus 5X design & OS:

This device is light weighted which allows you to ready to go anytime, anywhere. The smart OS android marshmallow provides shortcut from here & there. Also help in providing higher battery life by saving juices for longer period. With features like Doze & AppStandby you will get a lifetime experience in term of performance and last but not the least great control for more peace of mind.
Powerful Camera with Quality Lens:
As a Lifestyle blogger camera is the most important feature which I normally prefer over other aspects in a smartphone. Nexus 5X comes with a powerful  rear camera with almost 12.3 megapixels picture quality and high definition 4K resolution camera lens, that capture more light to produce more sharp & clear pictures even in low light. Google Camera & photos applications, you can cherish & relive your moments at your fingertips.
All around features:

Nexus 5X comes with Display screen of 5.2 inch capacitive multitouch touchscreen ,16M colours protected with oleo phobic Corning Gorilla Glass 3, to makes gadget more stylish on your hands.USB Type-C provides faster charging with an innovative reversible pin, to help you to forget the tension of which way you are putting in charging slot.Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa core 64 bit processor provides speed of 1.8 GHz & amazing speed. To make sure you enjoy multitasking. For bloggers multitasking is the most important stuff.
There are some extra perks as well of purchasing Nexus 5X , you will get 50 $ Google play credit when you preorder by 25 October.  You will also get 90 days subscription of Google Play Music for free.

So what are you waiting for  Go Grab Your Champ !!

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Pamper Premium Care Pant Review

Hello, friends In my previous blog post I have told you about the exclusive Launch of Pampers Premium Care Pants. Celebrity Tara Sharma & Mandira Bedi's journey of motherhood daily rituals with pamper care diapers and some manufacturer product demonstration by Scientist & R&D expert  Dr. WeiSing Long, and child specialist Dr. Ajita Gopal Seethepalli. 
Read here for exclusive preview of Pampers event .

Also, we have got goodies of Pamper Premium care pants for examination. which I have gifted  to my best friend, who has a mother of 11 months old son Vyan and busy enjoying her motherhood these days. Now on last Friday she has come to me with her baby.

Me: hello! Shilpa how are you?

Shilpa: oh! I am very good dear, first of all, a big thank you for introducing me with this lovely product. Trust me it has solved all my major area of concern. Its five-star protection features are amazing.

1. Soft fabric/ material which gives a soft touch feeling to baby’s private parts.

2. Around Waistband and cuffs which gives comfortable fitting and protects from outflow of pee.

3. Up to 12 hours of dryness it helps to absorb baby’s pee in just a few seconds which keeps wetness away from skin, hygienic and protects baby's health, especially when baby is sleeping and we do not want wake him by any reason.

4. Baby lotion, we know how important is coating lotion on the skin to balance pH level on baby’s skin.

5. Wetness indicator: this feature minimizes my all worries because it turns yellow to blue when in contact with the fluid to let me know that it's time to change. It was easier to dispose of  after using Pamper we can tear it off without any trouble roll it on with disposable tape and dump in a garbage bin.
Another attractive part is of the pamper premium care pants are littlie cartoon prints on the diaper looks so beautiful.Now Vyan is all free to experience the world their own way.New pamper premium care pants soft & dry gives him the freedom to discover new thing which is biggest need of baby's development.

Me  : Great.

Shilpa:Once again ! Thank you so much for suggesting such a product for Vyan. I will keep using Pampers for him in future.
This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin in association with blogadda


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pamper's Parenting Event- Exclusive Preview at Mumbai

Recently I have been invited on the launching event of pamper premium care products which was held on JW Marriott Mumbai sahar. My first reaction was like OMG parenting event and me? But when I thought came on my mind why not? Like being  a Aunty bhua & massi I also played a role of parents many times.
Here I am happy to announce that it’s really a wonderful product introduced by P&G which assures to softest for baby skin #SoftestForBabySkin

Panel For introduce the product were -
 1. Dr. Ajitha gopal seethepalli  -Leading Baby Sleep Consultant of the country.
2. Dr.Wei Sing Long - Pampers R & D Specialist.
3. Mandira Bedi – An Actor, Model, Fashion Designer, Anchor, Host and smart  mother .
4. Tara Sharma – An Actor, Model, Host of her very own  parenting show the tara sharma show and  the most importantly smart mother.

In an exclusive preview organised for bloggers and Mommy bloggers, Pampers the #1 diaper brand in the world for babies happy healthy development, showcased a never seen before innovation via powerful demonstrations highlighting the softness and dryness of the new Pampers Premium Care Pants.

There was a small softness test on the go with all the bloggers before the product was revealed. All the attendees were  first asked to feel the softest diapers by touching each of the diapers which were kept on the test box .After voting round was happened and of course pampers premium care diaper c has won by highest 92% of vote.

Now it was time for revealing the new pamper diaper pants. Panel of Jury member had came together and uncovered the new Pamper premium care pants.

According to child specialist Dr.ajitha seethepalli   for healthier, happier mental and physical development of kids good amount of peaceful uninterrupted sleep (for child minimum 12 hours) is must. And pamper premium care specially made to give that your baby a nonstop sleep .
All these powerful demonstration remind me like as we were on the chemistry lab and doing some practices. We have lotion test as well as to check how lotion protects babies’ skin by pH reaction form of baby’s Pee on the diaper. Dr. Long spread pinch of lotion on centre  of the paper and sprinkled same chemical on it .By the reaction of this lotion spread one part had remained same whereas nonlotion  part was turned blue in color. The paper in my hand replicates baby’s skin.
According to Tara Sharma she personally dependent on pampers from the day one of her child birth. And she shown same of the video clips of her parenting show where she was using brand pamper diaper for the babies.

This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Stand Up Comedy In India -‎

An Introduction Stand-Up comedy
We can define Stand-up comedy as a comic panache in which an artist performs in front of a live audience. Basically Comedy is a combination of witty stories, jokes, making comical facial expressions and doing mimicry of someone. Some stand-up comedians use props, music, or magic tricks to enhance their acts. Recently came up to promote Stand-up comedy. And friend this is one of the best online websites for spicing up our bore routine life with some comic moment.
Benefits of Stand-Up Comedy 
Laughter is a prime medicine says by science. Yes, friends, it’s a truth. To get the benefit of Laugh, we always search for comedy in our vicinity. Now most of the TV channels are broadcasting lots of comedy programs these days. Just like my favorite comedy show “Comedy Nights” & famous rib-tickling YouTube channel AIB. In which India’s number one comedians Acts plays the different character performs mimicries to make people laugh.

The first thing to perform on stage is being funny to make people laugh. Sometimes it’s very difficult to get the momentum started. Even if you get it in your performance it’s more challenging to keep it going in that direction. Sometimes you end up getting a pin drop silence. Always keep this in mind that if your audience is showing interest in your content you are on right track. If they are laughing at your jokes, you know you have done your job perfectly.

About (LIS)
The LIS is the one stop solution for all. In this E –platform one  can browse about  Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Music, House parties, most importantly Stand-Up comedy and some other interesting stuff about lifestyle.  One most interesting thing of this site is it’s intended for the audience above legal drinking age as specified by their state/country of residence. You can enjoy in Stand-up Comedy Section. In this portal, you will find all the information about comedy. You can read biographies of veteran stand-up comedians. You can also enjoy top stand-up comedy videos. One can read some interesting and enthusiastic blog post on Stand-up comedy ie, #StandUpComedyInStyle.
This segment also features “COMEDY HUNT” Fight for the funniest one of the most popular contest on YouTube on Stand-up comedy.
Party & Nightlife:
This segment features latest buzz on celeb parties, news party calendar across metro cities, interesting featured post on nightlife etc. You can enjoy all these features here at  Parties Section.
So what are you waiting for, if you have flair the for comedy or you like to explore more about the lifestyle, parties  & nightlife? Visit LIS- Stand-Up Comedy & Parties-LiveInStylesections in style & enjoy.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Have you done the #Airtel4GSpeedTest ??

We all are now aware of what 4G network is capable of  and we all are accepting it as a substitute for 3G & broadband connections. I have been using Airtel prepaid services from a quite long time now. I was really happy when I heard that they have launched the 4G services across almost 296 cities in India. I decided to opt for the 4G plan. But before making my decision, I thought it will be better If I can explore what is the difference in performance of current 3G network & newly launched 4G/ LTE networks. I was thinking about how I can analyse that. In between I saw the # #Airtel4GSpeedTest  hashtag trending on twitter. I was wondering how we can test the speed on twitter. Later I explored & came to know all the steps to test the Airtel 4G speed. Let me share my experience with you, so that you can also clear your doubts on the performance of 4G internet.

How to Perform the   #Airtel4GSpeedTest:

1-      You have to tweet to Airtel with the application for which you need to know the downloading speed.

@airtelIndia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <Application name>

I wanted to know the download  time for “Facebook” App. This is how I tweeted for speed test.

2-      Once you submit your tweet you will get the surprise tweet with the details of Speed Test.
Something like this. I got a shock when I looked at the difference between 4G & 3G.

After the #Airtel4GSpeedTest, now I am sure about switching my services from 3G to 4G network. I had already placed a request for sim swapping by tweeting below message on twitter #GetAirtel4G use +airtel India. Once you received the sim all you need to put it in an LTE device & start using your existing 3G data plan as 4G. So what are you waiting for start here: 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

My #MaxFreshMove - “ Max Fresh Tazgi Ka Dhamaka”

You all must have heard of the saying that “Every moment is a fresh beginning “ and  dance is a celebration of that moment. So I decided to dance to celebrate! To start with the celebration I am participating in the Colgate #MaxFreshMove (Phase 3) in which India dances to the #MaxFreshMove  of  Allu Arjun & Anushka Manchanda  to feet the tapping music  from their Ad video of colgate. I had also participated to the Phase 1 of #MaxFreshMove 

I love dancing & you can say that it’s my secret of freshness. As a working professional some time I didn’t get the time to fulfill my desire of dancing. But, thanks to BlogAdda & Colgate for giving this opportunity to discover my fresh move. Before creating this video, I was so much worried about the location. Initially I thought, I can do this at some garden or mall. But thanks to the rains in Mumbai, didn’t get a chance to go out this weekend. Then I decided to do this at the comfort of home. Yes, I decided the venue will be my own drawing room. So here it goes My #MaxFreshMove...


Hope you have enjoyed my #MaxFreshMove  as I enjoyed while dancing to the tune of melody 
 “ Max Fresh Tazgi ka Dhamaka” What about you ??


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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Top 6 Secret for Diet & Fitness

Everyone wants to look healthy, fit and beautiful. To maintain the  perfect figure, we do lots of hard work. In this my blog post I am sharing six secrets for weight loss and balanced figure.

  1. Maintain food diary:   It’s a very good idea to maintain a small food dairy regular to control and balanced food habit, it’s also helpful  to keep track of your daily food intake.
  1. Set food alarm: -  We all know for good healthy and perfect body functioning we have to take our meals on time without skipping or avoiding .for this start setting food alarm on your mobile and strictly follow this.
  1. Say hello to bake & steam food rather oily or fry food: -Stream and baked food are more healthy then fried.
  1. Do not compromise your sleep: -We have to do gym regularly it’s good for your body but if we are compromising our sleep for gym than do not do it. Our body is a machine which works 24x7 . It has to work while we sleep like recovering, recoup and reenergizes these are very essential for our body. Improper sleep slowdowns body’s recovery process.
  1. Evaluate your approach towards food: -  Human body is a beautiful mechanism which requires fuel to function it properly food is a fuel. Evaluate first how hunger you are than accordingly feed your body. Avoid eating for unnecessary.
  1. Move to lose:  Many of days when we don’t get enough time for exercise, to cover-up that time increase your non-exercise activities for example: Instead of emailing colleague move out of your place and Conway the message. Choose staircase rather Life.

Walk 10,000 steps daily = one hour exercise daily

I hope you like my secret. For more interesting posts keep visiting my blog.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Home Cleaning with Fun

In this busy schedule and lifestyle we are becoming Lazy and we keep avoiding cleaning by saying” I will pick it up later on” it is a clear invitation for clutter and chaos. Here I am with some cool and quick tips to motivate our self for cleaning our sweet home.

1. Cleaning with music:-

 Tune on to FM,MP3 player or iPod put on your favorite songs ,which makes you energetic and motivate for cleaning. Listening music while cleaning helps to fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. A Creative mind has the ability for new formation. Switch on music system or a MP3 Player favorite songs. It will boost you from inside for proper cleaning.

2. Creating reward for completing task:-

 It’s a very good idea to treat yourself motivated towards cleaning. With some rewards Like small pizza and burger or ice-creams after doing a task such as cleaning drawing room or a wardrobe.. We all know people get more energetic while they get rewarded on their hard work.

3. Section area for cleaning:-

Its best to divide the section before proceeding for cleaning, it will save your time and clears your confusion that where to start. You can create private and public areas in your home. Cleaning the areas like drawing room or hall where the guest will have first look will always create a impression that the home is clean. Avoid keeping clothes, paper or left outs in such areas.

4. put some light on for task:-

Turn on all the Lights and open the windows let more brightness come to the room. Brightness helps to induces for cleaning.

5. Use the formula of 2 welcome mats:-

Always prefer two have 2 welcome may, one at entry of your home and another at drawing room. It will filter the dust which comes inside while we come from outdoor. It makes the guest room more clean and dirt free.
Some instructions for making cleaning into our habit:-

1. Make a routine of making your bed before leaving for the day.
2. Always have a habit of putting things same place where that was picked.
3. Maintain and clean your dustbins regularly.
4. Do a weekly cleaning of all your stuff and ensure you maintain a proper hygiene at your home.
This post is inspired from :

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Nioxin Hair System Kit - Product Review

Do you remember my last post on #NioxinInIndia, If not please read it here . In which I agreed to share my experience with Nioxin 3- part system. Now as the climate is changing and monsoon is almost everywhere. You will find the humid hairs with  sweaty scalp all the time. Hair will get dull & dead, will require more attention than they ever required throughout the year. Also if you have thin hairs, then this can be a deadly combo for your hair. To overcome this I found a solution in form of Nioxin hair system kit, which help you to clean your scalp, rejuvenate with freshness & denser looking hair. I got this kit during #NioxinInIndia event, as my hair doesn't qualified for this treatment (Luckily), I gave it to my fellow blogger who used it for 1 month & shared his  experience with me. Below is the review in his word & based on his experience.

1.Cleanser Shampoo system:

To start with the cleanser shampoo, it works usually as a regular shampoo which can be used  on a daily basis. The only difference I felt is it's chemically treated formula with a transparent diluted liquid which smells like peppermint can works on my hair easily. Over all it cleanses our scalp. It qalso helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum,fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair. Cleanses to provide thicker -looking hair. I felt that it has really amplified my hair texture in last 1 MONTH.

2. Scalp Revitaliser system:

Coming to the Scalp revitalise,  It work as conditioner for your scalp. It's a smoothing conditioner that helps to  provide hair resilience and control moisture balance for normal to thin - looking hair.
As per my experience it works well on your hair, but using it on a daily basis can be a cumbersome task. As per P&G one needs to use the 3 part system to use on a daily basis for best results. I really find it difficult to manage the conditioning on daily basis. This is the only cons I found with this whole therapy . also I forgot to mention if you put this conditioner after shampoo for 5-10 mins you will fill the effect of mint in your scalp . It helps to cool the mind for some time apart from it's regular effect.

3.Scalp treatment System:

This is basically a serum which is used after shampoo & conditioning. give best results on dry hair & need to be put partly all over the scalp. Again I didn't found it easy , but loved the nozzle system on bottle. One with long hair will find it hard to apply.It's a cosmetic product containing antioxidants,botanical and peppermint oil that help to provide a refreshed scalp environment for normal to thin- looking hair.




My Verdict & Bottom Line :

Overall it's a good product for those who suffer from really thin hairs, those with normal hairs can stay out of it. after using this product you might feel your hair dry & little bit tangled. But you will love the smell of the shampoo. The scalp treatment seems OK, Not visible in short term usage but indicate some improvement. Overall it's an amazing hair care product .

PS : All views on this product are shared by my fellow blogger based on his personal experience after using it for 1 month.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Story - SmellytoSmiley

Thanks to god after the full of humidity, hot and sweating summer weather gone to the end and monsoon has arrived. Now, it’s time to lock our self to treat with some hot tea with lip smacking, sizzling hot snacks. All over greenery cold weather and rain. And who does not want to enjoy the rain. This occurrence is awesome and rejuvenates all of us to recall our childhood memories. As we all know every coin has the other side also same as rainy season brings some bed smell too which is of wet clothes. All Indian women will agree that we face household odour mostly in month of summer and monsoon. I found a permanent solution to this problem of smell and household odour. How ? To explain this let me take you few years back in my life .

I remember one of the college incident ,when  I was living in Bhopal for my hospitality & aviation training and I was staying as a paying guest . My owner stayed along with us on ground Floor and she was very authoritarian about cleanliness and timing. One week she went out of town to see her  in laws. All my roommates have decided to enjoy this opportunity and have some . Then we all decided to plan a get together at our rooms . To celebrate it, we had called  our all close friends to our  PG flat, all decoration ,food arrangement was done on time but suddenly rain fallen and we didn’t enjoyed that night  as expected and planned some of  friends  were unable to attend the party because of heavy rain. But we had advantage of rain dance on the Terrance. The night ended with lots of remaining food and pizza’s. We all slept here and there. I hadn’t realized the coming problem till the next morning.

When we woken up in the morning I realized how major problem it was. Because of the whole night rain fall, wet clothes, spoiled food everything was smelling horrible. and just to make it worse, we got the door bell rung Ting Tong… guess who it was?? Oh! No it was Aunty at the door. We all were shocked , thinking what to do. Then suddenly I realized that looking at the coming monsoon my mom packed one bottle of ambipur room freshener when last time I left the home, thanks to my mother she certainly saved all of us from the anger of our flat owner. I sprayed it immediately to all over the room and after a few second each corner of home was scented with its amazing fragrance. That moment we all realized that Ambi pur air effects doesn't just cover the odours, it completely removes them .  No one could have identified what we did last night. Our owner didn't recognized , if there was any odour or we had a blast last night. Ambi pur saved us from smell, when aunty left we all were smiling looking at face of each other.

Before I conclude my story you can read some interesting info-graphics which were revealed in a recent survey conducted by a third party agency for Ambi Pur.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

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