Sunday, 26 June 2016

Blogmint - It's All About Blogging Vlogging

Indeed! Sharing is always caring. Nowadays where everyone has their own social media accounts and want to earn online by using social media & influence marketing, but don’t know how? So friend here I am introducing you one of  the most popular influencer marketing platform Blogmint. Which allows Bloggers, Social media influencer’s with good social media followers on twitter, you tube, facebook and Instagram to earn good money from sponsored content. I have joined blogmint from last one year and earned a good amount of side income. Really guys I am feeling very happy to connect with blogmint. it's all started when, One year back I met one of my fellow blogger & we were having a casual discussion on blogging & monetization of our social media presence. Then we met one pro-blogger & she asked me below questions :

Friend :-Are you a blogger?

Me:- Yes.

Friend:-Do you have a Facebook account?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you have a Twitter account?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you have an Instagram account?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you have a youtube channel?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you want to make money?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you have Blogmint account?

Me:- No, Blogmint!!!!???

Friend :- Yes dear Blogmint, India’s one of the leading influencer online platform and source of earning capitals. Join today.

This is how I came to know about this amazing platform . By following three easy steps you all can join  Blogmint and earn while enjoying your Blogging Vlogging

1. Click on the link  to register with self- hosted Blogspot, WordPress or email account.

2. Next, step to complete your profile and bank account details.

3. Once completing your profile details, monetize your all social media accounts.

Now discover campaigns on your appropriate field, apply with negotiable charges and wait for sponsor’s approval. Once your application gets accepted you will be receiving notification by email along with the details of your work order to understand specific brand requirements and timeline.
Payment will be directly credited to your bank account in 7 to 10 days of every successfully completed work order.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Datsun Redi - GO: New Tallboy in town

Summer vacation is on and now it’s time to pack our bags and go for a long drives and explore the world. But this year it seems that the sun is so angry on us. But thanks to the newly lauched ultimate urban crossover  Datsun redi-Go & its unique features providing  us  Fun, Freedom and confidence to challenge the hot weather and make the journey memorable. I am a car lover & love to explore new cars, adventure & technology associated with it. In this post I will share some unique features of the Datsun redi-GO car.

You might be thinking what is so special about this car ? Well let me start with the features which I liked the most & convinced me to take a test drive.

1-  Comfort :
 I always look for comfort when it comes to hatchback cars. This one has all of it bundled with variety of features to convicne me. The new Datsun redi - GO has :-
  •  5-Speed Manual Transmission which smooth control with precise shifting for more seamless response to your demands.
  • The easy to read Shift Indicator shows the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance.
  • The Datsun redi - GO's has Superior Air Conditioning features specially for Indian weather conditions. Its large 89 CC compressor has the high cooling capacity to keep your car cool and comfortable throughout the journey. Also, its integrated center AC vent distributes  50%  of the air flows  to the passengers on the rear seats.And aluminum compressor assembly ensures the superior performances. 

2- Datsun PRO-SAFE 7:

We all look for safety first while purchasing the car. This car comes with thread of internation safety features. Datsun redi -GO's ensures safe, secure and reliable to your each journey. Some of the features are as below.
  •  Performance Augmented Brakes for shortest braking distance.
  •  Reinforced Crash Protection Shell with high strength body for passengers safety. Better frontal offset and UN94 crash performance compliant.
  •  Opti -View - a wider view of the road as well as surroundings, because good view builds confidence and safety while driving.
  •  Force Absorbing Bolster Support while cornering.
  •  Energy Absorbing Steering and Airbag to protect occupants from any accidents.

3- Sporty and Classy Interior:
I love sport cars & if you get the same kind of look in your hatchback it's an addition perk. Redi-Go  car has  design interior done by experts to provide cool comfort and classic looks inside. Some of the features are as below :
  •   Spacious Overall Interior: - New Datsun redi- GO interior allows enough room space to your family. Along with luggage space five members can comfortably seat and ready to enjoy your way through the city along with everyone.
  •   Modern Dash layout:-  Datsun redi-GO  has  beautifully designed dashboard  with the feature of digital tachometer which provides  a modern touch, while the drive computer keeps you informed of your current fuel economy radar.
  • Sporty Fabric:- Inspired of sports cars, Datsun redi-  GO inside fabric has the classy geometric design with first class quality comfort to provides energetic sensation while onboard.
  •   Audio System:- You can entertain yourself on the go with  Radio, CD, MP3, USB, Aux –in because Datsun redi- GO has all in one convenient audio system.
  •   Power Windows:- Datsun redi- GO Power windows allows both driver and co-driver to enjoy fresh air any time at  their fingertips.

      All  features of this car makes it unique & gives the reason to experience the class of  a wonderful vehicle. This car is ideal for Mumbai's hot and humid weather and long hours on waiting in traffic would  be perfect to test its comfort level. I always had the bad time in traffic. Hope this car solves all those problems related to a comfortable ride in a metro city. You can also apply for the test ride. The bookings are open now. Get the feel of this new tallboy in the city & enjoy the performance with comfort that will take you places confidently, while being easy on your wallet.

     Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.
       Take a glance of this lovely car :

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