Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Japanese Mixed Leaf Salad - It's veggie Time

These days we can see a lot of new veggies in the grocery shop and vegetable markets, which was not the case earlier. Some of these vegetables are uncommon & are grownup in some part of the world as climate permits, and crops may be cultivated in protected environments in less suitable locations. In today’s post,  I will share my story of such uncommon veggies & an awesome salad recipe. As we all know nutrition plays an important role in our daily life mostly low in fat and carbohydrates, but high in vitamins, minerals,  and the fibre having it raw or cooked.  Research proves that people who eat less than three servings of fruits and vegetables each day, those that eat more than five servings have an almost twenty percent lower risk of developing any health issues. Vegetables have been part of the human diet for many years. Some are essential foods but most are accessory foodstuffs, adding variety to meals with their unique flavours and at the same time, adding compulsory nutrients for health.

I remember in my childhood whenever we go to our village in summer vacations my granny used to cook fresh vegetables of her own kitchen garden. Because me and my brother were very choosy on vegetables so she surprisingly twisted & hidden with similar veggies on food like spinach with mustard leaves. Potato with other similar grounds. Really my granny was so smart and smartly she introduces such uncommon food to us.
Today by this post I am sharing one of the Japanese mixed leaf salad with some mixed herbs to create a new flavour for my appetite.

Japanese Mixed Leaf Salad
These colourful vegans is a mixed green salad which features Komatsuna, Kyuri,  Roquete lettuce, capsicum & pineapple lots of leafy veggies. Sharing the complete list of ingredient & method to prepare the same.
Preparation Time
10 min

Sesame Seeds
1 spoon
Vegetable oil / Sesame oil
2 spoon
Baby Bok choy
1 bunch
Kyuri(Japanese cucumber)
½  cup
½  cup
red bell pepper
½  cup
½  cup
spring onion
½  cup
½  cup
Cherry tomotos
Beet Root
½  cup
Komatsuna(Japnese Spinach)
1 bunch
Roquette lettuce salad
1 bunch
Pineapple Crush
2 spoon
to taste
Red Chilli Flicks
½  teaspoon

Cooking method:-
1.       First of all, wash all the veggies in fresh water.
2.       Cut all the veggies in small cubes and separate leaves with their steam.
3.       In a pan, roast sesame seeds lightly and place aside.
4.       In a small bowl take pineapple crush & add chilli flicks, the keep it aside.
5.       Take one big bowl and add all the veggies and salad greeneries.
6.       Now it’s time to add some salt, sesame oil, mixed pineapple crush with chilli flicks, roasted sesame seeds and accurately mix all things together.
7.       Our Salad is now ready to taste, you can serve it with some bread and cooked veggies in order to enjoy a complete meal.

1.       Komatsuna is Japanese leafy plant similar to spinach. It’s mostly used raw in salads.

2.       Kyuri is also a Japanese cucumber, thinner than our regular cucumber and eaten with skin.

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