Thursday, 28 July 2016

Home Design Studio U&US - Launch Event

Outside view of the Kharghar Studie

Today’s consumer is tech savvy, living fast lifestyle and values the buying experiences like never before. Recently I was invited to launch of a Home Design studio by Godrej at R City Mall Ghatkopar.  U&US Home design studio from Godrej works on the unique concept of involving customers in designing the furniture and interiors solutions for their dream home.  

The process of getting home furniture and interiors done is often tedious, cumbersome, laborious and time-consuming. Customers face a daunting task on deciding on furniture layouting, designing, material selection etc. At U&US we have eased these pains by helping customers perform all the related activities in a very simple way. The entire journey of the customer is activity based and alive with the aid of various digital stations created in an innovative manner. 

Inside view of the Studie
Exploration Wheel
  •     A rotating wheel with miniature home models acts as an enticing feature for the people passing by the studio.
  •   The touch screen in the center of wheel helps play the U&US concept film and customers can browse through previously executed projects and our expertise.
Discussion Table

  • Mood board selection is done by customers which helps the designer understand the customer's taste and style.
  •  2D room layout is done by the customer on the touch screen followed by a layout with the help of miniature furniture model placement activity (customer can scan layouts/work on ideal layouts).
  • The layout created can be visualized in 3D.

Color visualizer
  • Color Visualizer” is a station where the color scheme selection of the home is done by the customers themselves. (It’s a unique technology which being patented by U&US).
  • This fun based activity helps customer shortlist on the various colors schemes of their home interior elements like wall color, laminate, fabric, Wood polish & flooring with the help of hexagon shaped color cubes.
  • Customers have a choice of going ahead with a preset color scheme formulated by a color expert or can customize according to their taste and choice.

Visualization on 3D software
Visualization on 3D software

  • State of the art 3D visualization software helps the customers visualize their own homes, take the walk through inside the rooms.
  • Customers can still edit things in real time (eg. Color, furniture placement etc) if they feel like before finalizing the details.

  • Proto typing area is a station where customers can create low fidelity models/ proto types with paper, Thermo col etc to explain any concept / design which they are not able to express through verbal communication with the studio designer.

Brand says about the Studio :-
So unlike any buying experience, we at U&US have created a unique customer-centric, playful experience for the customer to co-create his dream home. Our endeavor has been to build a platform where we want our consumers to play an active role in making their signature home dreams come true. With co-creating their own customized furniture enabled by innovative, experiential technology, we hope to come one step closer to transforming their lives.

Jury for the Panel Discussion led by Masters of the designs -
  •          Krsnaa Mehta -    Founder of India Circus
  •          Ronitaa Italia Dhanu - Editor of GoodHomes
  •         Rooshad Shroff -    Architect
  •          Esha Gupta -  Founder of Design Pataki

Some DIY Tips for decorating your home by  Esha Gupta :-

1.       Fragrance:-Fragrance is an accessory to your home.  Keeping your room cologne beautifully at all time adds depth and character to enhance positive vibrations around you.
2.       Plants: -Keeping indoor plants are always the best idea for pleasant, fresh and Eco-friendly ambiance around you.
3.       Wall Picture:- Beautiful sceneries or pictures bringing the aesthetic appeal in your room. It’s always good to keep couples photo in your bedroom and family photo in your guest room to enrich your room appearance.
4.       Colorful bedding:- It’s good to go simple but yet stylish with equivalent your bed sheet to your wall color.

5.        Dohar :- Instead of using a thin bed sheet, always use thick, soft and formed material Dohar to give a nice look with comfortable sleeping. 


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