Sunday, 26 June 2016

Blogmint - It's All About Blogging Vlogging

Indeed! Sharing is always caring. Nowadays where everyone has their own social media accounts and want to earn online by using social media & influence marketing, but don’t know how? So friend here I am introducing you one of  the most popular influencer marketing platform Blogmint. Which allows Bloggers, Social media influencer’s with good social media followers on twitter, you tube, facebook and Instagram to earn good money from sponsored content. I have joined blogmint from last one year and earned a good amount of side income. Really guys I am feeling very happy to connect with blogmint. it's all started when, One year back I met one of my fellow blogger & we were having a casual discussion on blogging & monetization of our social media presence. Then we met one pro-blogger & she asked me below questions :

Friend :-Are you a blogger?

Me:- Yes.

Friend:-Do you have a Facebook account?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you have a Twitter account?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you have an Instagram account?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you have a youtube channel?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you want to make money?

Me:- Yes.

Friend :- Do you have Blogmint account?

Me:- No, Blogmint!!!!???

Friend :- Yes dear Blogmint, India’s one of the leading influencer online platform and source of earning capitals. Join today.

This is how I came to know about this amazing platform . By following three easy steps you all can join  Blogmint and earn while enjoying your Blogging Vlogging

1. Click on the link  to register with self- hosted Blogspot, WordPress or email account.

2. Next, step to complete your profile and bank account details.

3. Once completing your profile details, monetize your all social media accounts.

Now discover campaigns on your appropriate field, apply with negotiable charges and wait for sponsor’s approval. Once your application gets accepted you will be receiving notification by email along with the details of your work order to understand specific brand requirements and timeline.
Payment will be directly credited to your bank account in 7 to 10 days of every successfully completed work order.


  1. Hi Priya C
    your article is very well examined and well presented. And thank you for all.
    For more about BlogSpot.

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