Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Story - SmellytoSmiley

Thanks to god after the full of humidity, hot and sweating summer weather gone to the end and monsoon has arrived. Now, it’s time to lock our self to treat with some hot tea with lip smacking, sizzling hot snacks. All over greenery cold weather and rain. And who does not want to enjoy the rain. This occurrence is awesome and rejuvenates all of us to recall our childhood memories. As we all know every coin has the other side also same as rainy season brings some bed smell too which is of wet clothes. All Indian women will agree that we face household odour mostly in month of summer and monsoon. I found a permanent solution to this problem of smell and household odour. How ? To explain this let me take you few years back in my life .

I remember one of the college incident ,when  I was living in Bhopal for my hospitality & aviation training and I was staying as a paying guest . My owner stayed along with us on ground Floor and she was very authoritarian about cleanliness and timing. One week she went out of town to see her  in laws. All my roommates have decided to enjoy this opportunity and have some . Then we all decided to plan a get together at our rooms . To celebrate it, we had called  our all close friends to our  PG flat, all decoration ,food arrangement was done on time but suddenly rain fallen and we didn’t enjoyed that night  as expected and planned some of  friends  were unable to attend the party because of heavy rain. But we had advantage of rain dance on the Terrance. The night ended with lots of remaining food and pizza’s. We all slept here and there. I hadn’t realized the coming problem till the next morning.

When we woken up in the morning I realized how major problem it was. Because of the whole night rain fall, wet clothes, spoiled food everything was smelling horrible. and just to make it worse, we got the door bell rung Ting Tong… guess who it was?? Oh! No it was Aunty at the door. We all were shocked , thinking what to do. Then suddenly I realized that looking at the coming monsoon my mom packed one bottle of ambipur room freshener when last time I left the home, thanks to my mother she certainly saved all of us from the anger of our flat owner. I sprayed it immediately to all over the room and after a few second each corner of home was scented with its amazing fragrance. That moment we all realized that Ambi pur air effects doesn't just cover the odours, it completely removes them .  No one could have identified what we did last night. Our owner didn't recognized , if there was any odour or we had a blast last night. Ambi pur saved us from smell, when aunty left we all were smiling looking at face of each other.

Before I conclude my story you can read some interesting info-graphics which were revealed in a recent survey conducted by a third party agency for Ambi Pur.

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