Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Meet the VWoman Achievers -Women's Day Special

Happy Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies on this special occasion of  International Women's Day, VWash has  given a tribute to those women who have dared to question "WHY", redefine the situations and rediscover and reinvent themselves.  VWash and Glenmark Pharma  Awarded Five most inspiring Indian women and the ideal face of 2016. I am feeling proud to write their story on my blog. These are the ladies who has raised their voice louder and brought  the changes in our society. by their hard work, confidence, and willingness to serve the society for better future.

Here are The Five Discovery of VWoman Achiever 2016.  

 Swati Bedekar  has convinced so many ladies of backward and rural society to use sanitary pads for their menstruation hygiene. Her effort for  writing  innovative lyrical songs, banners of inspiring messages and so many awareness programs to communicate with those shy and introvert rural women. She is also  helping them to get Sanitary Pads on cheap and lowest prices.

 Anuradha Kedia co-founder of the better India an online news portal with a difference. This site aims to put the limelight on 'positive & inspiring stories. She  left her well-settled job to give full attention to her portal "The Better India".

       Rajni Pandit- she is  a real Charli's Angel, James bond and Sherlock Holmes of our country. Her 25 years of handwork  in the detective  profession with  sharp Mind and confidence gave her ability to close more than 7000 cases and also made her one of the  famous detectives in India. 

          Now meet our Geeta Shridhar popularly known as Geeta Maa who has really defined the word maa with sharing her motherhood, love and care by adopting 28 kids fighting for their lives from various kinds of cancers and scuffle between chemo sessions and heavy doses of medication. Geeta maa is really a charming lady with full on enthusiasm and an idol for all women. She has been inspiring the current generation by her efforts & contribution towards humanity & social causes. She is also a teacher & wonderful cook- foodie by nature. You will surely feel the energy & love when you will meet her.

 Proud Moment for Geeta maa 


 Group photo with Geeta Maa

Rajani Paranipe- the founder member, popularly known as Rajani Tai.  her  motivation in life is service to society, by bringing a school to the doorstep they have changed more than 62000 poor children lives.  

Overall it was an awesome event, met some super women's of our country. Really felt excited & we also took lot's of  Selfie's and photos with all the lovely ladies at the event.

"If you have the faith in yourself, if you have the confidence to do something better for society, then do not think about the results and follow your dreams. you will definitely get succeed." 
these were the golden message given by VWoman Achievers. Really these women are the true inspiration for all of us. A big shout out for women power !!

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