Saturday, 17 December 2016


Invest In Your Skin. It Is Going To Represent You For A Very Long Time.

Indeed! God has made each one us very beautiful, I feel like taking care of your skin is almost as important as eating a healthy meal. Today's blog is my enthusiasm towards some rituals for pampering our skin daily to keep it healthy forever.

Washing your face keeps dirt and dullness away from your skin and makes you look beautiful and feel fresh.

Makeup free sleep keeps your skin healthy and young. Sleeping in any kind of makeup is eventually harmful to the skin and leads to tons of skin damages like clogged pores; acne etc. also drags you to the early aging.  

As per your skin type applying a most suitable moisturizing, cream / lotion after cleaning of the skin keeps your skin soft, radiant and glowing throughout the day and at night it repairs your skin and protects from cell dehydration.


Our Body consists 78% of water, so drinking lots of water is a need of our body. Water helps to regulate your body temperature, proper body cells functioning, keeps you healthy and lots more, Do you know we have to drink water half of the number of our body weight every day.

Every day eight hours of good night sleep helps to keep you healthy and fit physically as well as mentally.


Sun rays are the good source of vitamin D which is good for health, but the excess amounts can damage your skin and makes you look dark. Wearing daily SPF 30+ covers & protects 97%  your skin to from the harmful UV ray of  the sun.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body which has the quality of absorbing and storing toxins that can make your skin look tired and ragged. A daily workout till the sweat out helps to release these toxins and gives a fresh and enriched look to your skin. 

So, friends, these are my top 7 rituals of skin care what are yours? do write in the comments box below,   I would happy to hear from you.

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