Sunday, 14 June 2015

Energize Your Life With a #MaxFreshMove

In this fast moving life we all are so much busy in our daily responsibilities & work. Working people spend most of the time at office performing daily BAU activities, following daily routine, set of activities and tasks which we have to repeat every day, week or month. But after some time we get feel mundane, bored and need some break to freshen up to down the stress and feel relax. We all know that the variety & options add spice to our life. We all need to stay fresh to keep on moving in this stressful life. Freshness in our life plays a role of key ingredient to keep us moving. To renew our vigor of life we need to fuel it up with some music & dance to jazz up our life.  

Let me share a story of my professional life where I tasted the shot of freshness. I work for a financial organization in office administration. I have a kind of routine work for which I need to perform a set of daily activities. I really get bore sometime. So to make this routine refresh and happening for all employees, my company organizes an associate appreciation week every year. But this time they have organized a surprise party for all the employees at our company cafeteria. 

Last Friday afternoon when all employees were at cafeteria for their lunch, suddenly lights went off, we saw a lady beautifully dressed with a mike on her hand, entered with a handsome gentleman, we all were shocked and clueless about what was happening?

After a minute of music, lights turned on and all employees got mad and started screaming. Ohh My God!! Guess who they were, my favorite Telugu superstar "Allu Arjun" & sizzling Anushka Manchanda. Arjun is a tollywood actor and best known for his dancing skill and style. His Dance steps are breathtaking and mind blowing. Watching him dancing no one can’t stop stepping with him. His moves energized every one so much that they started imitating Allu's dance moves and what to say about Anushka manchanda she is a true rock star of singing world. She is known for her melodious voice which makes magic on her songs. She introduced herself first time on talent show coke (v) pop star winner in 2002 and performed the first Indian pop girl band named VIVA. The combination of both had done superb magic on the employees and the energetic performance from this duo had created dynamic energy on the all employees. 

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

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