Monday, 19 January 2015

Perspective of A Working Women #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob

As an Independent working women I really have two jobs to do ,one obviously my office work & the other includes all household activities in which washing cloth's is one of the difficult one. Doing laundry was tedious job to me, as it takes all your free time & remaining energy after work. If you plan to do it on weekend's again whole day will go on washing cleaning & drying. As everyone  get's a one day off  from work that is usually Sunday, same situation was with me. My friends & relatives had always complained about me not being social & not meeting to them regularly all credit goes to my job & household activity which an independent women has to do by herself without getting any favour from anyone.

Finally last month I got one automatic washing machine from LG to get rid of this situation & guess guys  it really helped me a lot to overcome the burden of laundry. But  using the machine & drying clothes is still a task which you have to do and takes time. But if you are independent & working you don't have anyone to blame for and it's a best solution to save your time and effort. Using fully automatic washing machine with high quality detergent like Ariel made the job easy for me. I am using Ariel Matic, which is best for Top/front load washing machine and recommended by LG-India's best washing machine brand. It can remove toughest stain even on collars & cuffs .It cleans cloths really well with little usage of powder, I have experienced it & I am happy with the results. Now I can enjoy my weekends watching movies with friends & relatives .

Now coming to the debate, Is laundry only a woman's job ?
I would say a big no! It's Not..., It's all about personal hygiene which everyone has to follow for their body & clothing's. But our Indian male chauvinist's thinking & their belligerent belief created a gimmick within the society that its only woman's job to take care of household activities and cleaning. Please have a look at the TVC presented below from Ariel, You will see two old women's are discussing about benefits of being a working women in today's era, but the husband  of this working woman is still dependent on his wife to get his green shirt cleaned .How dual minded men's are ,at one side you want your wife to do a job so that she can help you with EMI ,loan payment & other responsibilities and at the other end you want her to wash you cloths as well ,why can't men help her partner with laundry and other household activities .

Frankly speaking in my family this was not the case ,my father & brother used to clean their cloths by them shelves and I am still so lucky that my boyfriend even help me doing the cleaning on weekend whenever we are together & he do help me  wherever he can .

Some current statistics on this issue : 

A recent survey from AC Neilson in association with leading detergent brand Ariel produced some startling but true household statistics regarding perspective of Men-Women views towards laundry. I got surprised by looking at the percentage where 76 % men say that laundry is a woman's job. Come on which planet you are living. In Mumbai I have seen all male Dhobi's, take an example from most popular dhobhi ghat, they are doing the laundry for all Mumbaikar's,are they biased towards this social gimmick of woman doing the laundry, no they are not. It's time for Indian woman to take a stand & ask in reply if someone is thinking that doing their laundry is their duty. Its time to breakout and spread the message that Men need to change their idea of woman being responsible for laundry as an standard. Yes, as a mother, sister & wife we have responsibility of taking care of our family but on same grounds men are equally responsible for it.

Whats your take on this & how will you overcome such situation in your life ??
Do share your thoughts & spread the awareness .

I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.

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