Thursday, 9 August 2018

Come Play at Next Generation Gaming Zone - TimeZone Inorbit Malad

Dear! Parents, What do you do when you want a safe and secure space for your kids to play? Keep them at home? Well, that’s one option, if you don’t mind all the energetic activity. Or, you can take them to a well-ventilated space like one of the indoor play areas in Timezone Inorbit Mall Malad. Timezone is one of the most popular gaming zones in Mumbai. They grew in popularity over the last few years and with good reason too!  Recently I visited the zone and to my surprise, it was a really amazing experience at the place.

Timezone is the one-stop interactive entertainment destination having the latest arcade games, exciting rides and fabulous prizes to win. The zone allows you to re-live your childhood and make new memories with your family and friends. Timezone has recently revamped and relaunched itself as #NEXTGENTIMEZONE at Inorbit Mall, Malad. Timed appropriately, it is all set to lure kids and families with lots of new exciting games, irresistible offers and promises a fun-filled time.

Timezone has elements which focus on all age groups like youngsters, kids & adults overall the complete family zone. It’s reflected in the store layout and designs, from a playful and colorful store background they have moved to more of urbane and a futuristic approach and color palette. Lit signages for major concept zones and unique sky grid lighting in the store, enhances the entire layout.
Krazee Whirl:
With exciting sporty Krazee whirls, to give you all fulfilled dashing car experience of excitement, thrill, and sensations. It has a dual joystick with attractive LED illumination in the base, this further adds on to the experience with enclosed glass room setup. We liked its innovative approach features and gigantic seating facilities. A perfect fusion for both youth and kids to have Krazeefun.
Virtual Rabbids: First Time launched in India. This VR gives you experience all the moods and motions of the movie.
Luck by chance:-
Willy Wonka: It’s the latest in redemption games getting launched for the first time in India at Inorbit Mall Malad, this is a character licensed game for adults which is extremely addictive and has a great recall value. In many stores internationally, customers queue up ahead of the store opening to play the game first every day.
Family Bowling:  Not much experience and practice are required to master the art of bowling—all you need is the right aim and a unique style to earn that coveted strike. The latest graphics and animations make knocking off the pins more fun.
Prizes:- They have a huge prize section at the center of the Timezone with full of goodies too.  Finally, gather all your winning tickets and put them on the ticket eater machine & add a total value of tickets in your card to buy their goodies, toys, bags, cold drinks and many more.

Relaxing chair:- They also have a massaging chair to relax some time whenever you feel tired. Just swap your card lay on massaging chair and it rolls balls along with your meridians and muscles that might have been clogged with trigger points, but because it’s rolling, and your weight is pushing on the balls, it’s a magnificent massage also. It’s an intense massage and you’ll sleep like a rock after using it. In fact, you’ll be VERY VERY tender after the first couple of times, but in some time your muscles will get used to the pressure.
My experience at Timezone, Malad:-
The safe and enjoyable place to visit even if it is pouring outside! I enjoyed almost all the games inside the zone. The place is very safe & secure with the latest gaming equipment's. Great place for hangouts with friends, play dates and birthday celebration.
It provides non-stop indoor gaming solution for all kind of needs. In today’s fast running world, parents need some time to chill out and so do the kids. In my opinion, the best way to take them to the Nextgen timezone where our kids can play without fear of hurting themselves? The other advantages and beauty of this place are that they are:
  1. Safe, Secure & Clean environment.
  2. Well enough to accommodate all age groups.
  3. Great for play dates and birthday parties.
So what are you waiting for Whenever you feel bored just call your friends or take your kids to Timezone and start having fun. Hope you have the best time at the zone. Do share your experiences in the comment section. Also, I am announcing a giveaway on this blog. The best 3 comments will win 3 Timezone gift cards worth Rs 500 each. So what are you waiting for join the giveaway now? You can also join the giveaway on my social media channels (Instagram & our FB page)

                                                   Glimpse of Timezone ,Malad


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