Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Regen Hair Vitalizer - Product Review

We all love our long beautiful hair. No wonder how many new hair experiments we attempt every now and then to look even more beautiful, we curl them, straighten them and colors them using countless chemicals and heat tools, all these trials make you look beautiful for that time but what about the later after hair damages and other hair problems? I straightened my hair last year for my sister’s wedding and this has now begun to a lot of hair loss, dandruff, and itchiness like issues.

Regen Hair Vitalizer lotion has clinical examined, one hundred present herbals based products that claim to fight for your hair fall issues and helps to increase the hair volume. All Regen products have results of decades of research, testing, and study, that allows delivering the best quality hair care product range.

Ingredients list:
Bhringraj: Bhringraj has a methanol extract that believed to promote hair growth and to maintain hair quality.

Amla: The Indian gooseberry, rich in vitamin C and iron. Prevents hair problem.

Tulsi: Tulsi is a ‘queens of herbal’ it contains vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E that restores natural shines of hair and promotes hair growth.

Rs. 875/- for 250ml.

Shelf Life: 36 months

Direction to Use:

Wash and dry your scalp completely.

Comb gently and part your hair into 2 sides.

Spray Regen hair vitalizer close to the hair roots and massage gently with your fingertips for about 2-3 min.

Leave it for overnight.

Use 4 to 5 times in a week recommended (by experts)

For best results avoid using any other hair growth products while treating your hair with Regen.

 My verdict after using Regen Hair Vitalizer for one month 

Regen Hair Vitalizer lotion comes in a beautiful transparent spray bottle with a white color aerosol cape. Because of this spray top, application of the product becomes smoother and easier.

It has very light texture and doesn’t feel greasy on hair. 100% herbal ingredients used that helps to lower hair fall, enhance hair growth and nourishes your hair from roots.  

Keeps your scalp cool.

Prevents from premature graying hair. Specially formulated with high-quality natural ingredients to achieve strong, healthy and luxurious hair growth. 

Benefits are evidently going to come within a few cycles of regular usage and they would depend on your case. Hence, people with serious issues with their hair would require more time to get better*.

Overall, I would give these products a 5/5 thumbs up as they are what they recommend and put forward. The best part of the regen product that is 100% chemical free and natural, thus no chance of any harmful side effects.  I recommend it to my readers and followers and hope that it will be beneficial for them as well.

You can buy Regen product here: https://www.regenherbal.com/ 

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