Monday, 5 June 2017

Mutual Funds : A Perfect Investment tool to Grow your Money

In today’s world, We are riding on high savings & economy with growing GDP as compared to our neighborhood & other Asian countries. our vast population needs to be aware about different investment opportunities. In order to achieve financial independence. In today’s scenario, the trivial ways of investments like bank fixed deposit, bonds, saving accounts are not enough for fulfilling future goals and dreams since they do not yield good returns. 
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Image result for Mutual fund dayWe all want a better lifestyle, tension free future, but are our investments sufficient enough to provide a high ROI in a good way? Are our traditional investment methods earning good returns?  Are all these questions bothering you? That means you need to have a more balanced investment portfolio by investing in the latest trends of investments. Let me help you about that, you probably have most of your money in a bank savings account and your biggest investment may be your home. On the other side, you might not have the knowledge about mutual funds.  You are not the only one.  Investing in a mutual fund can be simpler than buying and selling individual stocks and bonds on your own. Investors can sell their shares as per their convenience. 

Recently I got an exclusive invite for an investor education initiative by Reliance Mutual Fund at their Mumbai office to better understand the investment opportunities related to Mutual Funds along with few other initiatives from Reliance mutual fund.

The event started with the introduction session & keynote by Mr. Himanshu Vyapak (Deputy CEO ) of Reliance  Mutual Fund. The agenda of the session was what is the mindset of the mutual fund investment in common people? The session was very interactive & we all were briefed about the various initiatives by Reliance Mutual Fund. I will just share some insights on the two major initiatives for investor awareness started by Reliance Mutual Fund.

Fund for a Friend (FAFF) App-

Fund for a friend is an investor education initiative, that has been conceptualized by Reliance Mutual Fund. By login into this, you can actually help your friend for right investment options in a fun way of simply answering few questions on behalf of your besties, loved ones or relatives and as a result app will recommend the best appropriate investment plan based on the results category.

Mutual Fund Day (MFD): 

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The Mutual Fund Day aka MFD is an initiative by them to inculcate the habit of investing in a disciplined manner. It aims to reach out to the all the investors in India, to build awareness among them regarding benefits of investing in the Mutual Fund as it provides an opportunity to create a more diversified investment portfolio.

Overall we can say that the mutual fund is ideal for all first-time as well as seasoned. So start investing on a monthly basis & see your money grow.

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