Tuesday, 12 April 2016

YELOW - A Solution For Your Personal Care Products

These days so many online shopping websites are available for shopping, recently I found one unique website www.yelow.in which takes care of our personal care product in short we can say our online Bathroom products. Well, you all are very intelligent and  knowledgeable But ?? Are you
A smart, educated shopper who likes to pick the right product out of the thousands of options available?
  A young working couple who do not get the time to make a shopping list and hate last minute run to buy these?
  An urban Indian who wants to be educated and stay hygienic always as regards to the personal care products?
  An aspiring Tier II and Tier III city citizen who likes the best products in the country at your doorstep regularly?
  A teenager who wants to know & buy the product you need, within the comfort of your room?
  A nonchalant individual who would like someone to help make him a Ready Kit, which takes care of his basic needs?

Well, then Yelow is for you!

I know that now you will be having lot's of queries regarding this shopping website, how it is unique & different from others , lets get started with intro:

What is Yelow:

Yelow was founded by four friends in May 2015 in Mumbai. Each of the four co-founders brings a unique skill to the business which was imperative for the business to flourish. Three of us – Arjun Shah, Viraj Mehta  and Nakul Vakil  were class mates at Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad) where the idea took shape. The company was incorporated in May 2015 and with an in house technology team based out of Vadodara, Gujarat headed by Bheshaj our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) we were successful in launching the first beta in less than 4 months in August. In the subsequent months, we successfully launched the Mobile responsive website and a Mobile application for Android users. In December 2015, we launched operations for business and in less than three months we have been successful to register 1000+ users and over 400+ orders. We are optimistic to change the way India shops offering an engaging and exciting platform and in turn, make India a safer and more Hygienic country.                                                                               


No one likes a worn out toothbrush first thing in the morning; or shaving blades that are rusty or a last minute dash for sanitary napkins at midnight. With Yelow, once you register and build your kit, you never have to remember to buy your personal care products ever again nor will you ever run out of any of them. In the thousands of products available today in the personal care segment, Yelow will help you find the right match. Apart, making sure the same product is always available at your nearest store is never a guarantee. So “Yeh-low”!

Self Care is not Self Indulgence, 

                        Self Care is Self Respect.                             

So respect yourself and place your order from www.yelow.in  and please  do not forget to share your experience by commenting on below comment box. I love to read your comments.

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