Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Gift to Every Women - New Whisper #OwnThose5Days

This year my birthday has become so grateful because of the most special and unique gift I received from one of the world best brand P&G.

It was a joyful moment when my doorbell rang and one beautiful gift packed basket came my way with a new whisper ultra clean, sanitary pad along with a very nice message that I was amongst 100 women in the country who was getting first chance to #takethatstep to own those 5 days of each month with newly launched whisper ultra clean with 5x power protection than other ordinary Pads. 

These days it's pretty common & women are confident enough to talk about sanitary napkins. The  new whisper ultra clean pad has that quality which encourages that confidence within to conquer our embarrassing five days of every month and #OwnThose5Days to live with freedom. It has  up to 100% lockage system gives wetness and irritation free satisfaction.

New whisper ultra clean pad has extra-large wings (317mm) with one thousand suction holes.
It has below features to give you smooth menstrual cycle.

  • Longer lasting absorption - Which supports to stay comfortable during long hours of blood flow.
  • Better dryness –Which gives freedom from wetness.
  • Faster absorption – Which helps to be more relaxed during sudden heavy flow.
  • Better comfort by softer top sheet – Which gives a soft touch to our skin.
  • Better  scent – Its consist with good fragrance,  so no more bad odor.

After using and examining the new whisper ultra in my very own those five days of the month, I can now loudly say that,"Yes you Go, girls, Go unstoppable touch the sky and Do whatever you want to do." Do run, jumps, cycling, dancing, wearing white colors, climbing and traveling, but do not forget to carry new whisper ultra clean on your pocket. Because this one will grab all your areas concern of stain, rashes, and bad odors during those five days of menstruation. If you want to try one here is the link  to get a sample. Click here

One right step with whisper ultra to power a thousand steps to success.
Run For your dreams
Through meetings and traffic.
Chase Your passion
against each day’s challenges.
Play For success
all round the clock, on your feet 24x7.

Feel free to share your experience with new whisper Ultra clean.

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