Sunday, 28 June 2015

Nioxin Hair System Kit - Product Review

Do you remember my last post on #NioxinInIndia, If not please read it here . In which I agreed to share my experience with Nioxin 3- part system. Now as the climate is changing and monsoon is almost everywhere. You will find the humid hairs with  sweaty scalp all the time. Hair will get dull & dead, will require more attention than they ever required throughout the year. Also if you have thin hairs, then this can be a deadly combo for your hair. To overcome this I found a solution in form of Nioxin hair system kit, which help you to clean your scalp, rejuvenate with freshness & denser looking hair. I got this kit during #NioxinInIndia event, as my hair doesn't qualified for this treatment (Luckily), I gave it to my fellow blogger who used it for 1 month & shared his  experience with me. Below is the review in his word & based on his experience.

1.Cleanser Shampoo system:

To start with the cleanser shampoo, it works usually as a regular shampoo which can be used  on a daily basis. The only difference I felt is it's chemically treated formula with a transparent diluted liquid which smells like peppermint can works on my hair easily. Over all it cleanses our scalp. It qalso helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum,fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair. Cleanses to provide thicker -looking hair. I felt that it has really amplified my hair texture in last 1 MONTH.

2. Scalp Revitaliser system:

Coming to the Scalp revitalise,  It work as conditioner for your scalp. It's a smoothing conditioner that helps to  provide hair resilience and control moisture balance for normal to thin - looking hair.
As per my experience it works well on your hair, but using it on a daily basis can be a cumbersome task. As per P&G one needs to use the 3 part system to use on a daily basis for best results. I really find it difficult to manage the conditioning on daily basis. This is the only cons I found with this whole therapy . also I forgot to mention if you put this conditioner after shampoo for 5-10 mins you will fill the effect of mint in your scalp . It helps to cool the mind for some time apart from it's regular effect.

3.Scalp treatment System:

This is basically a serum which is used after shampoo & conditioning. give best results on dry hair & need to be put partly all over the scalp. Again I didn't found it easy , but loved the nozzle system on bottle. One with long hair will find it hard to apply.It's a cosmetic product containing antioxidants,botanical and peppermint oil that help to provide a refreshed scalp environment for normal to thin- looking hair.




My Verdict & Bottom Line :

Overall it's a good product for those who suffer from really thin hairs, those with normal hairs can stay out of it. after using this product you might feel your hair dry & little bit tangled. But you will love the smell of the shampoo. The scalp treatment seems OK, Not visible in short term usage but indicate some improvement. Overall it's an amazing hair care product .

PS : All views on this product are shared by my fellow blogger based on his personal experience after using it for 1 month.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Story - SmellytoSmiley

Thanks to god after the full of humidity, hot and sweating summer weather gone to the end and monsoon has arrived. Now, it’s time to lock our self to treat with some hot tea with lip smacking, sizzling hot snacks. All over greenery cold weather and rain. And who does not want to enjoy the rain. This occurrence is awesome and rejuvenates all of us to recall our childhood memories. As we all know every coin has the other side also same as rainy season brings some bed smell too which is of wet clothes. All Indian women will agree that we face household odour mostly in month of summer and monsoon. I found a permanent solution to this problem of smell and household odour. How ? To explain this let me take you few years back in my life .

I remember one of the college incident ,when  I was living in Bhopal for my hospitality & aviation training and I was staying as a paying guest . My owner stayed along with us on ground Floor and she was very authoritarian about cleanliness and timing. One week she went out of town to see her  in laws. All my roommates have decided to enjoy this opportunity and have some . Then we all decided to plan a get together at our rooms . To celebrate it, we had called  our all close friends to our  PG flat, all decoration ,food arrangement was done on time but suddenly rain fallen and we didn’t enjoyed that night  as expected and planned some of  friends  were unable to attend the party because of heavy rain. But we had advantage of rain dance on the Terrance. The night ended with lots of remaining food and pizza’s. We all slept here and there. I hadn’t realized the coming problem till the next morning.

When we woken up in the morning I realized how major problem it was. Because of the whole night rain fall, wet clothes, spoiled food everything was smelling horrible. and just to make it worse, we got the door bell rung Ting Tong… guess who it was?? Oh! No it was Aunty at the door. We all were shocked , thinking what to do. Then suddenly I realized that looking at the coming monsoon my mom packed one bottle of ambipur room freshener when last time I left the home, thanks to my mother she certainly saved all of us from the anger of our flat owner. I sprayed it immediately to all over the room and after a few second each corner of home was scented with its amazing fragrance. That moment we all realized that Ambi pur air effects doesn't just cover the odours, it completely removes them .  No one could have identified what we did last night. Our owner didn't recognized , if there was any odour or we had a blast last night. Ambi pur saved us from smell, when aunty left we all were smiling looking at face of each other.

Before I conclude my story you can read some interesting info-graphics which were revealed in a recent survey conducted by a third party agency for Ambi Pur.

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Energize Your Life With a #MaxFreshMove

In this fast moving life we all are so much busy in our daily responsibilities & work. Working people spend most of the time at office performing daily BAU activities, following daily routine, set of activities and tasks which we have to repeat every day, week or month. But after some time we get feel mundane, bored and need some break to freshen up to down the stress and feel relax. We all know that the variety & options add spice to our life. We all need to stay fresh to keep on moving in this stressful life. Freshness in our life plays a role of key ingredient to keep us moving. To renew our vigor of life we need to fuel it up with some music & dance to jazz up our life.  

Let me share a story of my professional life where I tasted the shot of freshness. I work for a financial organization in office administration. I have a kind of routine work for which I need to perform a set of daily activities. I really get bore sometime. So to make this routine refresh and happening for all employees, my company organizes an associate appreciation week every year. But this time they have organized a surprise party for all the employees at our company cafeteria. 

Last Friday afternoon when all employees were at cafeteria for their lunch, suddenly lights went off, we saw a lady beautifully dressed with a mike on her hand, entered with a handsome gentleman, we all were shocked and clueless about what was happening?

After a minute of music, lights turned on and all employees got mad and started screaming. Ohh My God!! Guess who they were, my favorite Telugu superstar "Allu Arjun" & sizzling Anushka Manchanda. Arjun is a tollywood actor and best known for his dancing skill and style. His Dance steps are breathtaking and mind blowing. Watching him dancing no one can’t stop stepping with him. His moves energized every one so much that they started imitating Allu's dance moves and what to say about Anushka manchanda she is a true rock star of singing world. She is known for her melodious voice which makes magic on her songs. She introduced herself first time on talent show coke (v) pop star winner in 2002 and performed the first Indian pop girl band named VIVA. The combination of both had done superb magic on the employees and the energetic performance from this duo had created dynamic energy on the all employees. 

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Friday, 5 June 2015

#Ping Pay Kar- Social Banking by Axis bank

Hello Friends, nowadays social media is booming in our daily life. We can do all kinds of communication stuffs like call, video calling, chat, message, email and sharing pictures & videos with the help of available social media channels like  Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, But friends do you know now we can do banking & money transactions with the help of social media. Sounds surprising right, well let me tell you how? So recently, Axis bank has come up with the new app called #PingPay. It's a bubbly way of fund transactions. It allows multi-social payment through all social media channels.
Recently I got an opportunity to attend the live demonstration of this application from Axis bank officials & masterminds behind its creation at their head office in Mumbai.

So let me tell you something about the Ping Pay app & what Axis bank officials have to say about it.

As per Axis bank press release "PingPay is a multi-social application by Axis bank, which allows its user to transfer funds seamlessly to anyone they are connected to using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email & phone contact list.
It provides a unique multi-social payment solution to enable customers, especially the youth & smart phone users more frequently for money transfer, mobile recharge using social messaging channels.
Ping Pay has been developed in partnership with Fastacash, a Singapore-based, venture-capital backed firm. It's technology enables value(money, airtime, coupons, etc) transfers, along with digital content across any social or messaging platform."

It also comes with various security features like SIM locking, OTP & device locking  for secure transactions. To avoid fraud and reduce the risk, the transaction limit is Rs 50000/- per day & per transaction.

During the demonstration, we have been shown how the money & recharges being done with the help of Ping Pay. In my opinion, this is one of the most innovative mobile application for banking, which will surely going to change the future of  the way we do banking. As people are more socially connected on the Internet. It will help such ideas to reach more & more people in our country. To change our traditional ways of doing things. Banking is one the most innovative & emerging domain on Internet world.

One can ask for money to any Friend or relative who is on their contact list or WhatsApp. You can simply tell them "I need money  #PingPayKar".

One of my tweets during the event, You will surely gonna laugh & we normally respond this way when someone ask for money

Overall it was a very interacting event between blogger & Axis bank officials. We gave lot's of suggestion as well. Axis bank is soon going to release the new version with more options like investment, bill payment etc. Have you tried this application yet. If yes do share your experience on my blog. In case of any query feel free to ask. Hope you have enjoyed the post.

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