Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Nioxin In India- Exclusive Introduction for Beauty Bloggers

Last week I was invited for Nioxin product introduction in India. Let me tell you, about my experience at #NioxinNowInIndia event in association with Blogadda. After reaching to the venue, we were introduced to the hair expert cum salon owner "Natasha" & P&G Salon professional "Harsh". All beauty bloggers were excited for the exclusive demonstration of Nioxin products at Nalini's & Yasmin. 
First the hair expert explained about the Nioxin products with the little history on it. How it came to origin when of the founder felt thinning hair after the birth of her first child. & she began to identify the reason for the same and realise the feasibility of  treating the scalp with scientific skin care methods. This is when Nioxin came to origin. To define Nioxin, it is the hair care product specially invented for thinning hair solution. As we do facial on face, similarly our Scalp requires attention & care and Nioxin works on scalp health providing required strength and nourishment which  results into hair thicker & fuller look.
Nioxin system has 6 different treatment therapy based on the type of hair of an individual. Everyone have different kind of hair ranging from thin ,lenghty, natural, highly dense, coloured ,straight ,curly ..oh this list could go on & on without any end. So that is why Nioxin came up six segments based on type of hair . The user will be provided with best suited category of Nioxin product ranging from 1- to -6. 

After completion of the Product history & features , we were assigned with one hair expert for each one of us to check the hair type from 1 to 6. Each blogger were given a consulting session to gauge the correct Nioxin user category. On a surprise note, the expert told me that my hair are so thick & really don't need a Nioxin treatment. I was so happy, but on the other node they told me I can gift this Nioxin treatment to any relative or closer friend. Coincidentally my best friend & fellow blogger was also there who joined me for this event. I immediately announced his name. Natasha & Wella expert asked him to go through the consultation. He would be  thanking me for this amazing treatment after sometime. The expert asked him with set of preliminary questionnaire based on the condition of her scalp. He fallen into 3 Nioxin user category.

After the basic consulting session, all those who got thin hair or fallen into any category of Nioxin user have been asked to go through demonstration of how to use the Nioxin 3 PART system.

Before the Nioxin 3 part system, all bloggers under gone for Dermabrasion treatment - an added service for pampering all those bloggers who didn't fallen into any nioxin user category & were having nice scalp. I went through the Dermabrasion & I must say it was very soothing & It felt very luxurious & cool. In this treatment, the hair expert  cleaned the scalp, distributed evenly with soft massage and rest for ten minute. The major benefit for this therapy is it cools our scalp ,which helps to restore a dense,vibrant and healthy look to hair and reduces average of 54% chances  of hair loss. 

Overall It was an awesome experience & would really recommend to everyone who are suffering  from thin hairs & damaged scalp. You can wait for my complete review if you want. In my upcoming  post I will be sharing the real experience of my best buddy & Nioxin 3 part system helped him to overcome the hair related issues.
Till then keep visiting my blog & best of luck with your hairs.

"You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with” 

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